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Sod�� to sod��

  • Sod Off - Bjork
    "I know I've been tolerant 'til now, But here comes a warning, There's a very clear line that i'm drawing, And if you cross it. Sod off Sod off If you think I'll let you pull me down to Your third-class"
  • Lazy Sod - Sex Pistols
  • Sod The Neighbours - The Toy Dolls
    "Rant n' rave, don't give a toss, show the snobs next who's boss Turn the volume to size ten, they 'll never speak to you again Sod the Sod the Sod the Sod the Sod the Sod the (Chorus:) Sod the neighbours,"
  • The Old Sod - Spirit Of The West
    "ONE, TWO, THREE From the old sod to the new land we came over by the score. we cut the ties said goodbye and closed the old world door. we settled on your prairies in your cities and your towns. there's"
  • Child Of Sod - Bleach
    "I remember the first time that I met you. Everything that I heard of you was true. I was a child of mud, I was the child of sod. Call me the son of filth, drowne me to life in your blood. You are the"
  • I'm a lazy sod - Sex Pistols
    "You're only twentynineGotta lot to learnBut when your mummy diesShe will not returnWe like noiseIt's our choiseIt's what wanna doWe don't care about long hairI don't wear flaresSee my face not a traceNo"
  • Sod Within The Hill - Codeseven
    "Were it not for your nervous nature you would'be become icon you would've become an image healing wounds with words you tell me these are the hymns that free me when I am enslaved you tell me you've written"
  • S.O.D. - Erick Sermon
    "Yo, I'm a tic-tac-toe tactical wit it tactician Tit for tat, three bombs on me, we all ticking Schizophrenic, up in the kitchen With a black fifth up against my head, just, click, click, clickin' it We"
  • S.O.D. - End Zone
    "(Spirits Of The Dead) Thy soul shall find itself crying alone Mid dark thoughts of gray tomb-stone Not one, of all the crowd Into the hour of horror be silent in that Solitude which is not loneliness For"
  • Sod The Neighbours - Shampoo
    "Hearing the Music Banging The Wall Drive Yourself Crazy You Silly Old Fool Coming Around Here Saying You're Piece If We Don't Shup Up You'll Call The Police Chorus #1 Blast Them Out Wake Them Up We Really"
  • One Thousand Days In Sod - Venom
    "Unholy city a sinners delight No-one was spared out of mind, out of sight Hatred and slaughter, degredation and lust Self destruction never counting the cost No-one knew the suffering Behind the city"
  • Sargent D And The S.O.D. - Entombed
    "Ruthless and vicious, he'll stomp on your face Deadly, malicious, stay outta his space He'll rip your eyes out, dont you look the wrong way And once you meet him, there's no time to pray He'll rip your"
  • Time to biuld - DMX
    "It's Time, it's time, it's time, it's time This is time to build, it's time to build It's time to build, it's time to build It's time to build, this is time to build I format my mind for combat In fact"
  • Welcome to Our World - Chris Rice
    "Tears are falling, hearts are breaking How we need to hear from God You've been promised, we've been waiting Welcome Holy Child Welcome Holy Child Hope that You don't mind our manger How I wish we would"
  • Welcome To Our World - Michael W. Smith
    "Welcome to Our World Performed by Michael W. Smith Words and Music by Chris Rice Tears are falling, hearts are breaking How we need to hear from God You've been promised, we've been waiting Welcome Holy"
  • Fed To The Wolves - Peter Hammill
    "And they said "They shall all be fed, all the weak and powerless shall be comforted..." The Church's arms are open to embrace its orphans but this unholy priest's an earthly sod with his cock thrust casually"
  • Time To Be Me - Cock Sparrer
    "So you think you're gonna cause a splash You're gonna make some cash You're gonna open every door With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face Everything's gonna fall into place You're so sure"
  • Don't Want To See The Sights - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Miscellaneous Don't Want To See The Sights Another happy lad with dirty pictures plastered on the wall. A british beach collection a classic alcoholic argument. I don't want to see the sights"
  • I'm A Getting Ready To Go - Loretta Lynn
    "(Loretta Lynn) I get down on my knees everyday and I pray These tears I'm a cryin' are tears of joy cause it wash my sins away I'm a livin' for the Lord and I want everybody to know This old world's just"
  • The First Of The Gang To Die - Morrissey
    "You have never been in love, Until you have seen the stars, reflect in the reservoirs And you have never been in love, Until you have seen the dawn rise, behind the home for the blind We are the pretty,"

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