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Sofia reyes 123

  • Dancing On Dangerous (feat. Sofia Reyes) - Imanbek & Sean Paul
    "Ready with the crazy love It ain’t strange to us Dancing on dangerous Sean Paul Sofia Reyes, Imanbek Crazy vibes So we livin’ in dangerous They could never be gaging us Me stay the road dode contagious Stright"
  • Whoppa (feat. Sofia Reyes and Farina) - Tinie Tempah
    "Turn the tempo Swag on infinity Badder than nicotine Saw you in London at Liberty I had a row with security I wanna know what you think of me Change your location to italy I want the love Not the sympathy I"
  • Reyes - Destiny
    "A knife cuts my life. The symbol of the end. Tears of blood escape from your eyes. Thought your wish so perfect and yet so weak. Every breath contains exhaution. So fast and so quick you threw away goodbye."
  • 123 - XL
    "Mmm friz Ooooooooooo Szklanka kipi wulkan, zalany tylko dobry stuff Widzę suke I scam, czaruje nie tylko przez (sen?) Biorę fure I gnam, jakby mnie widział policjant co mandat mi dał /x2 123 w każdym mieście"
  • Sofia - Alvaro Soler
    "Sueño cuando era pequeño Sin preocupación en el corazón Sigo viendo aquel momento Se desvaneció, desapareció Ya no te creo, ya no te deseo, Solo te dejo, solo te deseo Mira, Sofia Sin tu mirada, sigo Sin"
  • Sofia - Hughes Turner Project
    "(Hughes/Turner/Marsh) There is no master plan There is no hologram for you And now I understand There's nothing else that I would do Outside your seven walls There is no peace at all Sofia - I couldn't"
  • Sofia - Son By Four
    "I fell in love with a beautiful Puerto Rican girl and her name was Sofia I met her in San Juan and I knew she had to be the one, mi nia bonita Thought everything was fine every time when I looked into"
  • Sofia - Live
    "Diamonds and pearls don't move this girl She can be icy cold to the crawl One of her lungs breathes in another world While the other sticks around to blow you off Even when the four winds blow She"
  • 123 - Naughty By Nature
    "Intro/Chorus: (x6) 1 motherf**kin 2 motherf**kin 3 1 and here comes the 2 to the 3 and Verse 1: Lakim Shabazz ???? rappers are full of this since I'm a Don I'm pullin out a hit cos I'm fired up"
  • 123 - The Professionals
    "You don't know if I'm a {unknown} And you don't care if I go to work As long as I keep marching up and down Up and down your playground (Chorus) What's the use in saying what you mean? Just wash yourself"
  • 123 - Fabolous
    "On them streets You better keep your hand on them heats And live what you sayin' on them beats Real talk.. They ain't walkin' the walk, they just talkin' the talk Some people look at me as the real"
  • 123 - Earthsuit
    "We're coming with the one two three Everybody singing do re mi with the earth s-u-i-t Tonight we're making history Verse 1 It's been a long time coming; now we're here Came to cut off the hands of fear Like"
  • 123 - Beenie Man
    "1! Beenie come fi mek a small qoutation 2! Me nuh love how dem a treat di generation 3! Yuh nuh si seh dem a mash up di nation Who we? yet still dem waant si a man and gun man 1! Well di yout dem want"
  • 123 - JESS GLYNNE
    "Singel pilotujący album "Always In Between"."
  • Sofia - West Indian Girl
    "If I should leave and never return, lite a candle and let it burn Cause light transcends time And when it's raining on the avenue, a wind will blow me back to you This time it's for real Come home, Sofia If"
  • Muevelo (feat. Wisin) - Sofia Reyes
    "Hey tu, solo tu lo tienes Tienes todo y todo va empezando Solo se que estamos disfrutando Esta vida makes me happy Salud por toda la gente Que el ambiente esta caliente El pasado en el pasado Esta vida"
  • Hej Sofia - Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso
    "Hej Sofia hr kommer jag, Du ska f se att jag mr bra. Jag tar ett flyg till Italien, Fr du och jag skall ses igen. Jag stter mig p frsta bsta plan, Fr hej Sofia hej, hr kommer jag. Fr jag sa hej, Sofia,"
  • ABC 123 - Mel B
    "You'll let me take you to the next level Let your mind be free Let your mind be free If you wanna get with me Simple as 123 Talkin 'bout ABC Like it real nasty If you wanna play with me Oh boy don't waste"
  • Sofia (Remix) - Son By Four
    "Cuenta la gente que alla bajando la calle luna cuando la tarde se va se va pasar a Sofia Vestida de soledad con un rosario en la mano recorre el viejo San Juan pidiendo a Dios por su amado Se le ve tirando"
  • Abc 123 - Melanie Brown
    "ABC 123 ABC 123 You'll let me take you to the next levelLet your mind be free Let your mind be freeIf you wanna get with meSimple as 123Talking 'bout ABCLike it real nastyIf you wanna play with meOh boy,"

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