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  • Sold - Joe Henry
    "Please don't speak another truth out loud Whatever else you do, I only want you keep me lost in your cloud I'll do the same for you. Don't believe a single thing you've heard Really, I'm as good as gold. You"
  • Sold - Reamonn
    "I want to set you free Sold I said is how you treated me I've been fooled for to long by all your misery You said you?d meet me in the sky we'd open up the night I let you climb right in You said you?d"
  • Sold - Imperanon
    "I am betrayed, all is lost in meFeeling cheated, my pain so overwhelmingCan't you see, that you're dead to me? Don't you feel the pain inside of me?How have wecome this far?How have Ifailed to see?I am"
  • SOLD - Lana Lubany
    "My guy tells me that I’m pretty, ah Made it feel like I was dreaming, ah قاعد فوقي, guarding the keys yeah (sat above me) نار بقلبي صارت حريقة ahhh (fire in my heart started burning) اخذ اسمي غير حقيقة"
  • Sold - Mandalay
    "I need you conversation I need to see your eyes Cool rain warm me To shut you out Need your conversation I need some space Need to see your eyes Cool rain down on me All i need Should be told i can't"
  • Sold - Lloyd Cole
    "everything you touch turns into gold got everything you want at 24 so what do you do when all your dreams come true what do you believe in there`s nothing left to want so who do you blame when nothing"
  • Sold - The Rasmus
    "There you come again, I see you're having your everlasting smile on your face, like now n' then. I cannot hide, I cannot fight, I cannot go, you know, you know, you know, hey, do you know that you do not"
  • Sold - Rasmus
    "There you come again, I see you're having your everlasting smile on your face, like now n' then. I cannot hide, I cannot fight, I cannot go, you know, you know, you know, hey, do you know that you do not"
  • Sold - Akai
    "Faking happy endings to our made up lives so self-content to live our life Filled up with rich distracting things And if we lose our love (and if we lose our love) We'll simply buy ten more (We'll simply"
  • Sold Me - Dallas Crane
    "So long darlin' was lovely to know ya Every now and then I still wanna go ya I couldn't shine like that rock in the window You traded me in for not even real gold Was gonna write a love letter and show"
  • Sold American - Kinky Friedman
    "(Kinky Friedman) Faded jaded falling cowboy star, Pawnshops itching for your old guitar. Where you're going, God only knows, The sequins have fallen from your clothes. Once you heard the Opry crowd"
  • Sold Me - Feff
    "From peaceful sleep and dreaming, alarming awake A pawn, I'm sent to the fight No paradise, just daydream I had it in my vision, better my life Ease a suffering mind I made the wrong decision Sold me,"
  • Sold Out - Sleater Kinney
    "(for m.m.) sold out do do you want it on a magazine cover take it it's my body take it i want money diamonds are a girl's best friend wanna be a star watch me go nowhere suckin on his dick f**k it i want"
  • Sold Short - Napalm Death
    "Red's the given color if you resist the will to hate You're a bit part Outliving your worth Where do you stand in the Aryan pecking order? We are "faggots", "Jews" and traitors Because we resist the will"
  • Bought & Sold - Prong
    "Bought And Sold Body And Soul Sold Down The River River Of Blood Powerless To Resist Systematic Self Interest An Instrument Of Our Own Device Conglomerate Feeding Vampire Beyond Redemption Out Of Control The"
  • Sold Out - Sleater-Kinney
    "Sold out, do do you wanna it On a magazine cover Take it, it's my body Take it, I want money Diamonds are a girl's best friend Diamonds are a girl's best friend Wanna be a star Watch me go nowhere"
  • Sold Out - Bellefire
    "Hitched a ride to central station Revelation in my head Ditched the pride, ditched the label But the fire isn't dead Never really had it easy But I wouldn't change a thing I don't get what you're about Coz"
  • Sold Out - From Zero
    "Well I ain't got much to show for Can you guess the reasons why 'Cause we gave responsibility To those who let it pass us by Now your words don't mean that much to me Got to get you off my back I feel"
  • Sold Me - Seether
    "Here I stand before myself I see somethings out of place You tasted all my purity Now there's nothing left to waste The feeling gets so in my way It's getting lost in my delivery The feeling gets so in"
  • Sold American - Glen Campbell
    "Faded jaded fallen cowboy star Pawn shops itching for your old guitar Where you've gone, it ain't nobody knows The sequins have fallen from your clothes Once you heard the Opry crowd applaud Now you're"

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