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  • There's someting in the air - Modern Talking
    "Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah)Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what)Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (na na nahh-nah)Just Tim-baland, and Lil' Kim (uh, uh-huh, what)Yo, yo yo yo,"
  • Wave - Mr. Vegas
    "Intro: All me gal dem, Mean why yuh follow me, All me gal dem, Once again dis ah Vegee, All me gal dem, From yuh know yuh nuh moley, Get ah, get ah, get ah get ah get Chorus: Get someting and wave,"
  • Making History - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "Mekkin Histri now tell mi someting mistah govahment tell mi someting how lang yu really feel yu coulda keep wi andah heel wen di trute done reveal bout how yu grab an steal bout how yu mek yu crooked"
  • Sense Outa Nansense - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "di innocent an di fool could paas fi twin but haas a haas an mule a mule mawgah mean mawgah it noh mean slim yet di two a dem in common share someting dem is awftin confused an"
  • Man, It's So Loud In Here - They Might Be Giants
    "They fixed up the corner store like it was a night club It's permanently disco Everyone is dressed so oddly I can't recognize them I can't tell the staff from the customers Baby check this out, I've got"
  • On The Loose - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest) Running out on the streets He lives from day to day Looking for someting to do He needs to get away. Hoping that maybe one day He could be someone Praying that maybe someday He could be"
  • Stabbed In The Back - Youth Of Today
    "We were brother, you and me loyal to our hardcore scene our thought, our aims, our goals were true then someting happened to you you changed I remember all the things you said shit you said ! I guess it"
  • Ain't No Trip To Cleveland - Brandtson
    "black coffee cup reflection i've seen this look in my eyes on others peoples faces that i said i never wanted to be like there's just too much to live for to sit around this room bored, wanting more, waiting"
  • Promises - Shannon Noll
    "someting is happening here someone is hurting me deep inside how do i get out of here someone is mumbling and speakin words that make no sense i been thinking it over and over again what am i supposed"
  • Union Of Pride - Killer Dwarfs
    "If we could look into the future And cheat the sands of time Would it be worth the pain we're felling Just to find some peace of mind I've been searching for a reason Yes I'm looking for a sign Can you"
  • If - Hawkeye
    "Oh huh, oh huh Well dis one name if, well dis is hawkeye a wonder wah some man would do if dem see a some girls looking like dis Cho: Wah yuh woulda if, If yuh buck a girl and she fat till eh split"
  • An answer - Mando Diao
    "And the feel I feel the ? (wowax??) And I see that they are wrong (?) 'Cause in my ? (hell?) it's ? (worl?) in someting And if you could see what I have done Oh, I think you would be disappointed 'Cause"
  • Rain - Alpha
    "Wendy Stubbs : I stare, I tear, I creep, sleep I taste your breath, your lips sweet I will be there to feel. Tripping, falling, sailing by Beyond the wind in the sky I will be there to free your mind. It's"
  • Sisters - Prussian Blue
    "We are sisters, UGLY and PROUD. We feel the poo as it comes out. We don't care if it's green or yellow, as long as it smells poopy. We know we can't compare ourselves with Mary Kate and Ashley in 'beauty',"
  • How Do Ya Feel Tonight - Bryan Adams
    "is there anybody out there? anyone that's loved in vain anyone that feels the same is there anybody waiting? waiting for a chance to win to give it up and start again we all need something new something"
  • Hey Good Lookin' (H. Williams) - The Replacements
    "Pull from Hank.. Hey good lookin' What ya got cookin? How about cookin' something up with me Oh, sweet baby Now, don't say maybe How about cooking a brand new recipe Got a hot-rod Ford and a two-dollar"
  • She's Into Something - Albert Collins
    "Say what you do! Snappin of a finger make a dog wag it's tail A whistle from her voice make a train jump it's rail Take her to the racetrack/show her face A horse in years'll come in first place! She's"
  • In Between Dances - Pam Tillis
    "There's room at my table, why don't you pull up a seat? The music's inviting but I'm staying off of my feet The floor's getting crowded, but I don't wanna take part I bet you can guess it's got someting"
  • The Mourning After / Private Bleeding - Overkill
    "What you say... hey...! Comin' into somethin' that leave you empty, something so strong. What you play... hey...! Comin' outta nothing that leave you bleedin' bleedin' so long. Can you feel... my hand"
  • Velvet - Kent
    "My skin feels strange like there's someting underneath And it's aching to be free Try to think of something else In my mind, imagination is running wild I try to shut my eyes Try to hide it with"

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