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Somebody once called me

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Somebody once called me

  • Once You Called Me - Peter Hammill
    "I wish that I remembered better. You've grown so fast before my very eyes. The woman that you're now becoming suddenly takes me by surprise. I thought that there'd be time and tide a-plenty to grow into"
  • Somebody - Heaven 17
    "You've got to face the fact That in the world today They try and take away the blue skies And all the children that play But it's a curious fact In every hour in every place That when the right time arrives"
  • Once - Van Halen
    "Once embraced, can't ever be let go Once revealed, can't ever be not shown Once believed, can't ever lose faith Once shared, can't ever be separate Once sown, once can't ever be not reaped Like the dawn"
  • Once - Once
    "Part of me Has Died And won't return And part of me Wants to hide The part that's burned Once, once Knew how to talk to you Once, once But not anymore Hear the sirens call me home Hear the sirens call"
  • Once Again - Cypress Hill
    ""Once again!" Once again it's Cypress Hill "Once again" .. "Once again!" Once again it's Cypress Hill "The greatest show on Earth!" "Once again!" Once again it's Cypress Hill "Back again!" "Once"
  • The Last Time I Called Somebody Darlin' - Roy Drusky
    "Thinkin' of you, wonderin' who touches you the way I used to do. The last time I called somebody darlin' was the last time you held me close to you. Missin' those times, wishin' that I had the heart to"
  • Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home) - Dead Can Dance
    "Farewell now my sister Up ahead there lies your road And your conscience walks beside you It's the best friend you will ever know And the past is now your future It bears witness to your soul Make sure"
  • Somebody Loved Me - Reel Big Fish
    "All of my friends- theyre not my friends A knife in the back, felt it again. What did I do? Was it so wrong? I used to fit in, now I dont belong I think somebody loved me once, I think somebody loved"
  • Somebody Save Me - Chalee Tennison
    "I've been a rock, been a shoulder Helped hurting hearts get over A good love that's gone wrong Yeah, I'm the one who said "be strong" I've been the friend you can count on Stayed up late, listened all"
  • Somebody Saved Me - The Who
    "I stood at the door beside her But she wouldn't let me pass I was such a boor and I lied to her I said I didn't really want her ass I went away in the mud and rain The gang became snide and laughed I was"
  • Somebody Saved Me - Pete Townshend
    "I stood at the door beside her But she wouldn't let me pass I was such a bore and I lied to her I said I didn't really want her ass I went away in the mud and rain The gang became snide and laughed I was"
  • Somebody Saved Me - Graham Parker
    "I heard the wild dogs scream in the midnight Just like a knife in my heart I felt so empty like someone fixed me Only to take me apart The mighty ocean dried up before me The trees went bare before my"
  • Somebody Like Me - Silkk The Shocker
    "(al, I know we from different sides and all and I ain't even gon lie, I'm a thug but i got a guestion for you could you see yourself fallin for somebody like me what's up? (Chorus) (Mya) So what you wanna"
  • Dance Called America - Runrig
    "The landlords came The peasant trials To sacrifice of men Through the past and that quite darkly The presence once again In the name of capital Establishment Improvers, its a name The hidden truths The"
  • So Called Friend - Porcupine Tree
    "Lip read, a mountain stream, fibres in the car Shut down, a cheerless a town, a head rolls in the park Once seen my libertine undresses in the dark She puts her love inside to break us both apart With"
  • Somebody Else - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "I was lonely When you left long ago I was shattered And the pain hurt me so... And not only Was I empty within I was careful not to Do it all again It's deceiving That you care for the ones Who really"
  • Somebody Said - Harry Chapin
    "Somebody said...Where's the music goin' Somebody said...It's gone Somebody said...With this bad wind a blowin' Will the music keep a rolling on I had to ask myself WHy it's makin' me A minstrel man from"
  • Be Somebody - Boyce Avenue
    "My head feels tangled up like the headphones in my pocket Two words and you got me Two nights and you told me that Once the time is counting down, it's impossible to stop it Three words that we need to"
  • Once Again - Frankie Jordan
    "I welcome you inside my life For what you do Oh you make me happy So very happy Once again Here I stand So inspired To take your hand And never take for granted What I was granted Once again Chorus: I"
  • Somebody Else - Shanice
    "Baby it all got started in the month of June And that's when I noticed a change in you You never spend any time with me like we used to Forget telling me that you love me Cause I'm not buying it"

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