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Somebody once tell me

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Somebody once tell me

  • Once - Van Halen
    "Once embraced, can't ever be let go Once revealed, can't ever be not shown Once believed, can't ever lose faith Once shared, can't ever be separate Once sown, once can't ever be not reaped Like the dawn"
  • Tell Somebody - Rickie Lee Jones
    "not long ago it was alright there were no bad dreams that kept me up at night it was not brother against brother mother against mother so tell somebody, you've got to tell somebody tell somebody what"
  • Tell me once again - Da Buzz
    "Tell me once again, babyThis time I will listenI will try to make things betterTell me once againIt's getting late, and I'm afraidTo walk here in the rainAlways take the easy way outSo I'm not aware, how"
  • Somebody Save Me - Chalee Tennison
    "I've been a rock, been a shoulder Helped hurting hearts get over A good love that's gone wrong Yeah, I'm the one who said "be strong" I've been the friend you can count on Stayed up late, listened all"
  • Somebody - Atomic Kitten
    "The times i've seen you down In despair walking round And felt you that were alone Baby, someone was by your side To dry your tears, to make you smile But you would never have known (you would never have"
  • Somebody - Belinda More
    "Somebody who's cool Somebody who want's to see it too Tell me why I screw or why I play the fool Never find the right guy Somebody tell me why? Tell me why? See I become an expert Realized, gettin'"
  • Somebody - David Byrne
    "Somebody, somebody's gettin' outa bed Somebody, somebody's gettin' herself dressed Somebody, somebody combin' back her hair Somebody, somebody dancin' down the stairs And on the TV and in magazines She"
  • Somebody - The Chainsmokers, Drew Love
    "in the town full of fancy cars and crowded bars and supermodels looks exactly the way it did inside my head when I dreamed about it all the things I could live without I need it now cause they’re all around"
  • Somebody - KRS-One
    "Oh, do it now, oh, do it now Yeah, we celebrate diversity in the university Everybody can't be a queen, everybody can't be a ho and a bitch (Ha ha) Everybody can't b e a philosopher Some of y'all gotta"
  • Somebody - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay Come and tell me, who stole your smile? I wanna help you girl, to laugh a while 'Cause everybody feels the power sometimes To heal with kind affection Everybody's heart is"
  • Once You've Loved Somebody - Dixie Chicks
    "I Should Go Out Tonight Get On With My Life Break These Chains Of Solitude With A Little Luck And A Little Help I Might Even Find Myself In The Arms Of Someone New Once You've Loved Somebody It Ain't"
  • Somebody - Mary Mary
    "Everybody has bad days When they feel like no one cares Call your friends in the middle of the night And they just can't be there I know someone who's available And He'll answer every time you call He"
  • Somebody - Rhonda Vincent
    "You think love is nothin' but trouble 'Cause what you give you never get back You think hearts were made to be broken But you don't need to be thinkin' like that Chorus Can't you see somebody's just dying"
  • Once - Dead Soul Tribe
    "Once I was strong Now I see I was wrong What I need All along I ve received Now it s gone Once You were here And I wanted you near Now I ve made What I ve feared Now I ve made What I feared You"
  • Once - Deadsoul Tribe
    "Once I was strong Now I see I was wrong What I need All along I ve received Now it s gone Once You were here And I wanted you near Now I ve made What I ve feared Now I ve made What I feared You"
  • Once - Sophie Zelmani
    "Hey you can I breathe if my chest is covered Hey you is my face making sense Eyes can't be still in a moment so tense Here babe are the notes you must play This babe, is the procedure Here babe not in"
  • Once - Londa Larmond
    "What is the reason I don't act the same I know that the change may seem so strange The way I behave And the smile on my face You see I got saved And I'm not ashamed When I was looking for love To ease"
  • Once - Once
    "Part of me Has Died And won't return And part of me Wants to hide The part that's burned Once, once Knew how to talk to you Once, once But not anymore Hear the sirens call me home Hear the sirens call"
  • Once More - Wedding Present
    "A gang of thieves, somebody leaves I swear I heard laughter An empty gloom and some forbidden room And a window to shatter And does your heart begin to fail When the moment gets closer? You always turn"
  • Help Somebody - Van Zant
    "Written by Kip Raines and Jeffrey Steele Well, Grandaddy was a hillbilly scholar, blue collar of a man. He came from the school where you didn't need nothin', If you couldn't make it with your own two"

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