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Someone to love me back

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Someone to love me back

  • Someone - Rembrandts
    "We've been together now for such a long time Through every trial we'd ever care to go When I look back I almost can't believe it We're not the same people that we used to know With all the years behind"
  • Someone - The Rembrandts
    "We've been together now for such a long time Through every trial we'd ever care to go When I look back I almost can't believe it We're not the same people that we used to know With all the years behind"
  • Someone - Air Supply
    "When you first found love Was it all that you had wanted For a thousand lonely years Was the memory so sweet Now your scented touch Brings me back to the enchanted The shadows fade away The gypsy is complete Chorus:"
  • Someone - SWV
    "(Puff) Lookin' at my Rollie, it's about that time For SWV to drop a jam on mine Playa's talk the talk but they can't walk it We make the whole country bounce when we New York it Don't speak about it, be"
  • Love Someone - Jason Mraz
    "Love is a funny thing Whenever I give it – it comes back to me And it’s wonderful to be giving with my whole heart As my heart receives your love Oh, ain’t it nice this life we got each other I am right"
  • Someone - JS
    "Someone, someone (I got) someone, someone (for me, I found) someone someone Used to wait up for you til like five in the morning Robe on watching reruns and yawning Wasn't calling You didn't care You"
  • Someone - Boston
    "(Tom Scholz) I hear you won't even say my name I know things could never be the same But whenever I call your number You're not at home, don't hear the phone Whenever I start to wonder Are you alone,"
  • Someone - Lee Greenwood
    "Love should mean so much But the only kind I touch Was incomplete Till the moment I found you That's the moment that I knew (chorus) There's someone like me Who still believes something's are meant to"
  • Someone - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Why, oh why, oh why should I care for someone, Who doesn't care for me? I played the game I was subject of, it was all in vein 'cause I fell in love with someone, Who doesn't care for me, for me. I hate"
  • Someone - Hanson
    "You were looking for somebodySans trop y croire, tu attendais And you were needing a love like meComme une vidence, c'tait crit Let's just take a chanceLaissons-nous une chanceCos we need to find someoneL'important"
  • Someone - NorthKid
    "Hey, how you been? Did you ever go to Berlin? Are you falling asleep now Soon as you lay your head down? Hey, how’s your dad? Did you save up enough cash To buy the car that you wanted? Do you get home"
  • Someone - Name Taken
    "You said that you can't be someone, when the world's against you And this place could not be worse, to much that hurts So much for you to carry And you made me think everything was wrong, and everyone"
  • Someone - Kristine W.
    "I can't remember a time When you weren't there To dry the tears from my eyes Yes you always cared And I do believe That you were sent from heaven above Because you taught me about love I feel you up there"
  • Someone - Musiq Soulchild
    "I never wanted a woman that wanted Me for my name or material things See I always hope for a woman that's so sure, emotionally secure With spiritual faith A woman that I can trust with all of my secrets And"
  • Someone - Gerald Levert
    "Somebody if anybody Someone told you That I've been hanging out Cheating at night Someone if anybody Should get that story right Tell them they need to go get a life 'Cause I don't need someone Checking"
  • Someone - Hoover
    "Tell me baby Tell me, where did you sleep last night I heard noises in the cupboard Were you trying to hide Because you should know how much I hate this If you were, I'll hit your hiding place till sunrise And"
  • Someone - Johnny Mathis
    "Stairway To the Sea (Scalinatella) Johnny Mathis Written by Enzo Bonagura, Albert Askew Beach, and Giuseppe Cioffi This song did not chart Deep in the night I climb the stairway to the sea And pretend"
  • Someone - Hilary Duff
    "I found myself today Oh, I found myself and ran away Something pulled me back A voice of reason, I forgot I had All I know is your not here to say What you always used to say But its written in the sky"
  • Someone to love me - Brenda Lee
    "Oh I wish I had someone to love meSomeone to call me their ownHow I wish I had someone to live with'Cause I'm tired of livin' alonePlease meet me tonight in the moonlightPlease meet me tonight aloneFor"
  • Someone To Love - Jon B.
    "Don't even like to think about it I dont know what I'd do without it I only know that I live and breathe for your love Baby you came to me In my time of need When I needed you, you were there for me Baby"

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