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Something Real

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Something Real

  • Something Real - Nick Black
    "I must be some kind of monster baby I want it all and it's now or never I'm holding out for the real thing baby Or did you mean it when you said forever It's just a little bit I'm getting sick of it You"
  • Something real - Mr. Mister
    "Everyone's looking for something real Everyone's taking all they can steal Brother to sister, look at eachother face to face There's something missing here in this human race - hey Chorus: Inside me (all"
  • Something Real - Phoebe Snow
    "Tell me what you're feeling and what it all means. You could be defensive or open up and share your dreams. You can keep right on denying or face me and start crying. 'cause this time, when I reach out,"
  • Something Real - Eric Benet
    "(Somethin' For The People/E. Baker/Eric "Kenya B." Baker/Eric Bent/Leslie Butler/Shari Watson) Hook: I just wanna do something real to you Like a real brother is suppose to do Tell me how you feel"
  • Something Real - You're Pretty
    "Bend me break me love me hate me touch me want me lose me judge me i don't care as long as i feel something Push me pull me change me crave me find me hide me crush me try me i don't care as long"
  • Something real - SOiL
    "This broken day will come and go Broken and battered with nothing to show Could this be the better part of my life Something to hold on to white knuckle tight I wait for something You gave me nothing I"
  • Something Real - Indigo Girls
    "I've seen the sun on a funeral, the full moon in a midday sky Tactician politician hold his head and wonder why I'm always struck that much harder by the power of suggestion By now I know the answer's"
  • Something Real - Anacrusis
    "(Lyrics by K. Nardi) All those things that I tried to be, While wandering further from me I 'd choked myself in my apathy, Until I no longer could breathe My heart, and my hand, always reaching... Without"
  • Something Real - Paradise Lost
    "Array of fortunate life. But could you live through the fight? No you couldn't... All these years of sheltered emotion, All these years I've seen no devotion from you. I could offer honesty, If everyday"
  • Something real - American Hi Fi
    "Staring down the boulevardCrescent heights the city lights the wayTo another wasted dayShiny cars and shooting starsCalifornia dreaming in my earI just wish that you were hereI'm dealing with scarsJust"
  • Something Real - Pillar
    "I ain't talkin' about cartoons Saturday morning TV Remote control, it's time to set your mind free Kick up your feet, flippin' the channels Brotherly love, I'm leadin' by example You're up all night watchin'"
  • Something Real - American Hi-Fi
    "Staring down the boulevard Crescent heights the city lights the way To another wasted day Shiny cars and shooting stars California dreaming in my ear I just wish that you were here I'm dealing with scars Just"
  • Do Something Real - Robert Pollard
    "Do something real sidewalks chasing citizens racing do something real bloodhounds closing in on opposing men do something real crows like rats like cats on vacation do something real you've been scrapped"
  • Real - Salem Hill
    "i'm choking on hypocrisy a squalid swollen seed you gorge on unimportant and starve on what you need i've had enough of christmas sales and tributes to the dead enough of scandalous details on which"
  • Real - Plumb
    "Look at me I'm twenty three Beautiful a sight to see Tonight A little dress to draw the press And I'll be leaving All the rest behind Well be pleased girl If this is what you wanted The whole world is"
  • Real - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Everybody's scared to say something real Everybody's scared to do what they feel Everybody's scared to move from the heart Everybody's scared I bet you are But tonight I'm screaming out Tonight I'm pouring"
  • Real - Bumblefoot
    "Your left hand got your finger on the button Your right hand forgot how to feel Your head don't know what either one is doing And you turn nothing into such a big deal, yeah Well I be gettin' all the"
  • Real - Jo Davidson
    "music and lyrics by jo davidson a crowded room some shallow club in L.A. trying to talk over the music like there's anything to say he turns to me and says "people are more real In New York." "Oh"
  • Real - Trees
    "I walk alone through the valley of death yet Never for a moment do I second guess I can't afford to live in doubt Faith in myself if nothing else Some things I'll never forget I refuse to lose my"
  • Real - Tree
    "I walk alone through the valley of death yet Never for a moment do I second guess I can't afford to live in doubt Faith in myself if nothing else Some things I'll never forget I refuse to lose my life"

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