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Sometimes be

  • Sometimes - Natalie Imbruglia
    "Isn't it like me to want to say things I can't explain ... in simple ways? Why should I be sane? Why can't I be crazy? Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, I choke on words, and make no sound. Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Jana Kirschner
    "Sometimes I feel lonely lonely lonely Sometimes my heart speaks to me so slowly Sometimes I feel like a little child A broken rose for the Valentine Sometimes it hurts sometimes it's fine Sometimes Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - DMX
    "Sometimes I wonder what life's about Sometimes I wonder why the lights are out Sometimes I wonder why I like to shout Sometimes I wonder, what the lies are about Sometimes I see things I shouldn't have"
  • Sometimes - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "Sometimes I fear to wake Sometimes I fear the next day Ill humour seems to crush me Agonising pain stronger than the ideal? Sometimes I fear that nobody stands up Sometimes I fear that nobody defends"
  • Sometimes - Depeche Mode
    "Sometimes Only sometimes I question everything And I'm the first to admit If you catch me in a mood like this I can be tiring Even embarassing But you must Feel the same When you look around You can't"
  • Sometimes - Kaskade
    "Sometimes you can hide away Through the storms and ugly weather Sometimes you will be the one Who needs to hold it together Sometimes you wont find the words Sometimes you wont understand Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Agans Craig
    "Sometimes it's a shame Sometimes it's game Losin' sleep, trying to decide, who is to blame Sometimes it is me Sometimes it is not The one who does not deserve, all that he has got Sometimes you can run Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "I'll always have myself ??? ??? Sitting on the stair Which way to find someone Look around the city Lookin' for my picture I lost my money and my wallet at the ??? Oh Mr. can you find Miss did"
  • Sometimes - Bob Seger
    "Sometimes I move in chains But I never feel the pain I wish I could explain Sometimes Sometimes It goes so fast I try to make some moment last I watch it slipping past Sometimes I get this infernal"
  • Sometimes - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Sometimes when I am lonely And I need some love and care Sometimes I feel I only Have to call and you'll be there Sometimes I wake up in the morning With my hair down in my eyes Sometimes I can look at"
  • Sometimes - Neulander
    "Sometimes you know who you are, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you know where you are, sometimes you won't. Underneath, and overhead, it's always there you can feel the weight. Sometimes you find time"
  • Sometimes - John Entwistle
    "Entwistle, Luongo & Levi Copyright 1997 Bitsa Talent Inc. You can't see evil, but it's there Feel its presence, it hangs in the air When trouble knocks and enters the room I'll be there CHORUS Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Bill Anderson
    "( Bill ) Hello beautiful are you married (sometimes) tell me are you happy (yes sometimes) ( Mary Lou ) But sometimes I feel like I've just got to get away From the same old existence day after day Oh"
  • Sometimes - Alexia
    "Sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life I just wanna tell you sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life Sometimes, sometimes What's going on with me I don't wanna feel this way Without"
  • Sometimes - Abigail Washburn
    "Lonely lake in Minnesota Dying tree in Ashtabula Rains came in yesterday Fleeting hearts are here to stay Sometimes I change my mind Sometimes I think its fine Crying boy in Baton Rouge Troubled men in"
  • Sometimes - Ayo
    "He knows that I love him, after all I even love him better and much more than before If life was a letter it would be in capital And all the words around us would appear so very small Like they dont count"
  • Sometimes - Avril Lavigne
    "SOMETIMES Sometime i get lonely,i feel like i am going to cry Sometimes. I know it fell like crap when u fall and hurt ur back. Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometime every thing come on you.It really sucks really"
  • Sometimes - Sylver
    "mother cries herself to sleep for a love she couldn't keep sweetest dreams at night reminding her of how it used to be father looks the other way plays it cool, come what may though the facts of life"
  • Sometimes - Bilal
    "This is a song that makes me spill out all my guts Sometimes Sometimes, I wish I wasn't me Sometimes, I wish I was drug free Sometimes, wish I saw the exit sign first Sometimes, wish I knew the truth without"
  • Sometimes - Daniel Lanois
    "Sometimes, sometimes Sometimes I feel like I'm playin' on the radio Sometimes I feel like I'm on a travelin' road show Sometimes I got the power of the will and I know my song is gonna to be alright"

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