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Sometimes i dont let go

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Sometimes i dont let go

  • Sometimes - Candlebox
    "And I wipe the night from my eyes Block out that sunny day and I And everything is falling down around us Just missing the rain yeah And Im happier now today But dont let me down, dont let me go A change"
  • Dont Go - Hothouse Flowers
    "you know the way I could never say no to anything at all you know the way you just got to let go before you take the fall you came out of the smoke before me I had to take you in then right there you spoke"
  • Sometimes - John Waite
    "I remember when you whispered low I will go with you wherever you go Then I went and found someone new No one ever made me feel the way that you do Sometimes you don't know When to hold on or when to"
  • Sometimes - Alexia
    "Sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life I just wanna tell you sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life Sometimes, sometimes What's going on with me I don't wanna feel this way Without"
  • Sometimes - Lindsay Robins
    "Everything we did I wrote it all down Then I tore out the pieces One by one by one Remember what you said What have I done I let your words burn me One by one by one Some days hit me like a heart attack Next"
  • Sometimes - Nine Days
    "Shadows they fall on the stage of your own life Trailing behind footsteps There's comfort in ghosts who are no longer with you Hiding behind your death I let you down you've lost your taste I'm losing"
  • Sometimes - Eminem
    "Sometimes Aight listen . Sometimes youve got to turn the beat up cuz its sick Listen fuck it , just let me spit. Yow Here goes . Sometimes I feel like hurting the people who hurted me Or even murder"
  • Sometimes - Wishing Chair
    "What's the matter girl Is it something that we lack We got nothing but the clothes on our back At least we got love Sometimes that's enough when it's cold outside So tell it to me straight Yeah take it"
  • Sometimes - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Ill always have myself Sitting on the stairWhich way to find someoneLook around the cityLookin for my pictureI lost my money and my wallet at the Oh mr. can you findMiss did you see meStrange things ?"
  • Sometimes - No Doubt
    "Sometimes sunshine Does not want to shine on me And sometimes I find myself blind At first I cannot see and then I see it's me I chose a road when I was young In search of fun temptation won And all my"
  • Sometimes - Jennifer Nettles
    "Sometimes I get so still it makes me dizzy. I end my solo moonlight dance and bow out gracefully. Sometimes I still let you play the prophet in my head, as I play back the words you said. So in my mind"
  • Sometimes - Good Riddance
    "When it's time to start working to reconstruct a life programmed to self-destruct when it's time to set your sights on something better when all that you've known is the emptiness of being alone when"
  • Sometimes - Rivets
    "Sometimes When I look up to the sky I try to find our three stars, then I close My eyes so tight I still remember what I've felt those summer nights How nave I was and young To see there was something"
  • Sometimes - Five
    "Verse 1 When the world is on your shoulders And the sun don't wanna shine Better days around the corner But your running out of time Bridge Negative thinking has got my mind sinking I wonder if the pain"
  • Baby Dont Go - Fabolous
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Sometimes I Forget - Agnes Carlsson
    "I get so busy and I shut you out and you dont have no clue what thats about You probably thinking that I m getting mad at you I should take the time to just explain That youre the only thing that keeps"
  • Sometimes I Wish - Billy Joel
    "Sometimes i wish I know that this question raises all kinds of issues in my mind, and this question is do you believe in Christ? Because i believe that what we expierence and ah and its not being talked"
  • Dont Let Your Deal Go Down - Harpers Bizarre
    "I've Been All Around This Whole Wide World, Way Down in Memphis Tennessee. Any Old Place I Hang My Hat Seems Like Home to Me. Cho: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down. Don't Let Your"
  • Dont Go - James Blunt
    "And don't forget that I'll be watching you And the meaning of your motives will come shining through. Is it a warning? Is it an evil sign? Is it a people Who had lost their mind? Is it the darkness? Is"
  • Dont Go - Keith Urban
    "I've seen it happen too many times And just where it starts I don't know You're travelling steady but you don't see the signs That tell you there's a fork in the road And you don't think it's right but"

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