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Son of Ecuador leo rojas

  • Ecuador - Sash
    "Dame tu mano y venga conmigo Vamonos al viaje para buscarlos sonidos magicos ?de Ecuador! ?Ecuador! ?Escuchame! Vamonos al viaje para buscar los sonidos magicos ?de Ecuador! ?Escuchame! ?Ahora si! Give"
  • Leo - Eternity X
    "Turn the lights on I have arrived And I got pride to burn Just give me your admiration Court is adjourned The world is a crowded kingdom And the sky is my crown Some people say the room lights up When"
  • Leo - Ja Rule
    "this is leo, the cousin of the bitch that dont no nothing, next caller, ya um, i want ot know if my mom having an affair with my boyfriend oh, okay, wait on, hold on hun, the tarot cards never lie but"
  • Leo - Magnapop
    "Take the light, take the light Take all you need to I never know, never cared too much When you see it it goes Your sheltered arms give me All the warmth I need to know and And all the light I need to"
  • Leo - Elephantis
    "After all these years I'm struggling to see the brighter side When every day another failure is the footprint I leave I will remain the lion at heart Coming to terms with a force outside my control This"
  • Son - Scott Weiland
    "Coolness is staring at the sun Coolness is driving with my son Time and time again I'm not the man Time and time again I'm not the one Now go to sleep you little...child of mine I wish I had the"
  • Son - The National
    "And if you follow me sonthe window wrap around youcarry from the groundyou will never be aloneYou wait one turn to sunlightthat's falling on a girlyou're still outside the worldShe's reading books from"
  • Superman's Son - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion L'olympia Superman's Son Tout comme son pre Le petit jean-pierre tait un fan Un fan de superman Just like his father The little jean-pierre Was a fan A superman fan Il collectionnait Toutes"
  • Rosas Rojas - Alejandra Guzman
    "Rosas rojas, tibio vino amargó Rosas rojas, la desidia y el placer Imagine que te tenia, otra vez, como entonces Empapado, de roco, toda la noche Esprame, no, no vengas todava Te gritaba, en la obscuridad. Flor"
  • Son Of Adam, Daughter Of Eve (Tradu - 2nd Chapter Of Acts
    ""Filho de Ado, Filha de Eva" Filho de Ado, Filha de Eva Estivemos espera para ver seus rostos Filho de Ado, Filha de Eva Ele disse que vocs viriam Que um dia chegariam at aqui Filho de Ado, Filha de"
  • Son Of The Son - Metal Church
    "Stabbing through the wind and rain all aboard the nowhere train, the calm before the storm surrounds you In between the here and now, somewhere in the lost and found, a king without a crown who shows no"
  • Son Of Pain - Rhapsody Of Fire
    "(Dargor:) While I crossed the mountainside I recalled a memory days of anguish nights of pain your voice lives on trapped inside my mind eternally Those wise last words fade in my soul You had the choice,"
  • Sona - Secret Garden
    "Sona Mick O'Brien Ag breacadh an lae do chumar ag sil aoibhneas an tsaoil amach romhainn clocha draochta chomh geal lenr sile casn ag glioscarnach dinn Suaimhneas na coillte is ceol inr gcroithe macalla"
  • Leo Song - Shihad
    "You are so majestic, so skillful In the way that you make me sick You are the perfect one The only one for you And now even though that it's true Still see a lot of myself in you And now even though"
  • Leo Song - Pacifier / Shihad
    "You are so majestic, so skillful in the way that you make me sick You are the perfect one the only one for you And now even though that it's true still see a lot of myself in you and now even though that"
  • Sona Sona - The Guess Who
    "Sona Sona make the sunlight cry Sona Sona never asking why One love creates another someday One heart relates to another its own way (Hey, hey) Like a child at play, please don't run away I've heard tell"
  • Frankie Lee - Leo Sayer
    "on every corner of every avenuethe word's been passed all aroundbetter watch out, lock up your daughters'cause that bad frankie lee is back in townall the ladies fall for frankiesayin, frankie lee, how"
  • Son Of Lies - Aiden
    "Son of lies, Son of lies inside my heart. ( whoah ) Son of lies, Son of lies tear us apart. Sing, My darling Crystalline, And shine, So bright we all go blind. Stay, A million words to say And show,"
  • Son Of Lies - Aiden Feat. Howard Jones
    "Son of lies, son of lies inside my heart Son of lies, you're son of lies tear us apart Sing, my darling, crystalline and shine So bright we all go blind Stay a million words to say and show Until we all"
  • Son Of Fire - Vader
    "Burning dreams A fever in my soul Destructive force And world incinerated Son of Fire Grand Lord of all demonic beings Son of Fire Burst the flame inside me!!! Ashes to ashes And dust to the dust Humans"

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