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Song my life

  • Life Song - Katy Gunn
    "Words Absurd Names only disturbed Laugh and live and love and give Now darling dont you fear Yeah The world and I dont seem to understand each other Bind them break Now build with strength And always things"
  • Life Be My Song - DMX
    "Ask me if I cry I'll tell you why I can Come on! I'm gonna go hard Whether I'm right or wrong Till the dead and gone It's on! What ya'll really want?! Bring it on I'ma let life be my song How I"
  • Theme Song Of My Life - Dover Drive
    "time with you I know is time well spent, a long time now we've been good friends but you've always managed to make me feel alright but tonight, something in me says there's something more and it took me"
  • Song for life - Alison Krauss
    "I don't drink as much as I used to yet lately it just ain't my style and hard times don't last like they used to they pass quicker like when I was a child Chorus And somehow i've learned how to listen"
  • Song For Life - Kra
    "I Don't Drink As Much As I Used To Yet Lately It Just Ain't My Style And Hard Times Don't Last Like They Used To They Pass Quicker Like When I Was a Child Chorus And Somehow I've Learned How to Listen To"
  • True Life Song - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon The Promise Ring True Life Song Lay down in the stars, my bonny lass Lay down in my arms, we'll make it last The senses aspire to this far greater timie As the rivers flow your heart will"
  • My Life - Donna Summer
    "When I was young I used to dream of going far having my once, in a lifetime change to prove I was a star. A thousand times you stood in the wings dreaming it was me, I heard the people going wild but it"
  • My life - Simple Minds
    "I can feel it in the darkness Getting closer in the night Like a sacred song You linger on You give me the wings of flight And I love your sense of power Every hour every need When the red light shows"
  • My Life - Killah Priest
    "My life, though things may seem hard My life, I know I can depend on God My life, things might not always go right My life, but at the end I'll see a bright light So many types of women, a life that"
  • My Life - Big Tymers
    "(feat. Hot Boys) I done teached and talked Walked away and fought Went from cussin and bustin Hustle from day to dark Turned nothin to somethin Introduced to stunnin In my life In my life I done caused"
  • My Life - Rachel Stevens
    "Hi Im Rachel, this is myy life. When I was younger i sang into a hair brush. hoping to be like other popstars. look at me now. i sing this song: Hey, hang your red gloves up, Cos there's nothing left"
  • My Life - Princess Superstar
    "(C. Kirschner) Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI) Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta End Live Drums/Guitar: Concetta Percussion: Curtis End Bass: Walter Sipser This is a story from my life"
  • My Song - Mutya Buena
    "I said to the taxi driver: "Just get me anywhere away from here 'Cause until I'm in a different time zone I'll still be too near" He said: "We could go For as far as you'll pay for But I'ma tell you this"
  • Song - Line Life
    "1: When I sit and I think of you, maybe you are for I my heart not stop thinking that , but I am for you that . I must listen to you, and I make it want that , because I love you . Probably, never"
  • My Song - The Moody Blues
    "I'm going to sing my song And sing it all day long A song that never ends How can I tell you, all the things inside my head. The change in these past years Has made me see our world In many different"
  • My song - Moody Blues
    "I'm going to sing my song, And sing it all day long, A song that never ends. How can I tell you, All the things inside my head? The change in these past years, Has made me see our world, In many different"
  • My Song - Englishman J.
    "Friday night Ms. Sissie's in L.A. And I'm sittin' on mom's back porch I've been thinkin' again All I do is drink too much And dream up different ways To crawl a little further outta touch Waste"
  • My Song - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "My life is a stage, music's my trade I play the crowd's request The songs they like the best in a style But once in a while when no one's around I get my guitar down and play it from the heart And I don't"
  • My Song - Brandi Carlile
    "Everything I do Surrounds these pieces of my life That often change Or hey, maybe I've changed Sometimes seeming happy Can be self-destructive Even when you're sane Yeah you're only insane But don't"
  • My Song - Stonewall Jackson
    "You've heard songs about the broken hearted couple who have fought You've heard songs about romances and the teardrops they have brought Many hearts are broken when the one day love has gone If you feel"

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