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Songs of Wolves ORDER BY 1

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Songs of Wolves ORDER BY 1

  • Order - D.O.A.
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Order - Pipedown
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • Wolves - One Direction
    "I hear them calling for you I hear them calling for you I feel the waves getting started It’s a rush inside, I can’t control Your eyes keep pulling me in I know, I know, I know Your friends all talkin’"
  • Wolves - Chasing Victory
    "Everybody knows, everybody knows. Everybody knows she's a riot when she's striking a pose. Place your bets. Place your bets On the girl in the short skirt showing off her assets. They call her home wrecker,"
  • Raised By Wolves - U2
    "Face down on a broken street There’s a man in the corner in a pool of misery I’m in white van as a red sea covers the ground Metal crash I can’t tell what it is But I take a look and now I’m sorry I did 5:30"
  • Raised By Wolves - Agent 51
    "This is a call to all of those that I've been missin' This is a call to all of those I used to know I get so jaded and my blood begins to thicken Down so low Let it go And somewhere in the night I find"
  • Raised By Wolves - Falling In Reverse
    "I was lost now I'm found I'm sustained by the sound Of the angels singing me to sleep While my feet are leaving the ground Am I dead? Or am I dreaming instead? A cornucopia of opiates have flooded my head I'm"
  • Raised By Wolves - Voxtrot
    "I was going hungry and lazy here When you stopped me in my tracks I was going crazy; I was desolate and ready to kill But maybe I believe in another place If you go, you won't look back And anywhere"
  • Certain Songs - The Hold Steady
    "i guess you're old enough to know. kids out on the east coast. roughly twenty years old. got coaxed out by a certain perfect ratio. of warm beer to the summer smoke. and the meat loaf to the billy joel."
  • Songs Of Ascent, Part 1 - Iona
    "When Mercy comes to me, as soft as the sky And faith like a strong arm around me lies And life is beginning, like springtime in flower My soul is awakened, with truth to astound me An emptiness for You"
  • Barbaric Order - Sinister
    "Dark outer garment Shapeless mark god-fearing man Hail sincere cruel tyrant Thy servant anticipates pain The reason why things come together Acts Performed in elaborate way Quit sedate pronounced sentence Sober"
  • Zero order - Reactor
    "Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Chrome tunnels of redemption A time gap propelling"
  • Order Chair - First Degree
    "Every night I see me sitting there Now I see there's nobody here Suddenly I'm all alone Every night I'm thinking 'bout you Every night I wonder what you do Suddenly I forget things I knew Times could"
  • Law & Order - Futuristic Sex Robotz
    "In the entertainment industry's war on its customers, the CEOs of media conglomerates are represented by two separate yet equally-important groups. The Motion Picture Association of America (the MPAA),"
  • Love Order - Embrace
    "Remember me when the circus comes to town and you're welcomed in, but can't get out and no one hears you shout remember me remember me cause i'm drying, lost at sea for a day that won't be happening"
  • Pedestrian Wolves - Oingo Boingo
    "Raised by pedestrian wolves, out in the forest Raised by pedestrian wolves, out in the forest I was left to fend for myself I was left in a basket, just like baby Moses To float down that muddy river"
  • White Wolves - Crystal Eyes
    "The day of our revenge is dawning with a chilling haze Like the day we fell from grace It was a shameful black day when our bravery failed But today valour shall prevail Under the rising sun the mist"
  • Howling Wolves - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust f/ Black Knights, ShoGun Assason Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: Howling Wolves Typed by: Cno Evil (movie sample) We're arriving, there's a weird bloody air hovering"
  • Out Of Order - Duncan Sheik
    "I hear what you're sayin' I may seem out of order Nothing's quite the same now As it ever was before her And you're looking at me With one of those sideways glances You say I'm giving up too much Taking"
  • Wisdom Of Wolves - Folkearth
    "The voice of wisdom is calling to me On snowy peaks ravaged by the wind Where Woden's wolves roam free Spruce forests wave under moonlight's sway The mighty wolf pack reigns supreme Lamenting the dawn Wolverine"

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