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Sonic Team All hail shadow

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Sonic Team All hail shadow

  • All hail shadow - Sonic Team
    "All hail Shadow!Heroes rise again!Obliterating everything that's not your friend!Nothing can stop you now,No ghost to bring you down!When there's nothing left to lose, you win!(Bow your heads low, all"
  • All Hail Shadow - Crush 40
    "All hail Shadow Heroes rise again Obliterating everything That's not your friend Nothing can stop you now No ghost to bring you down When there's nothing left to lose You win Bow your heads low All hail"
  • Team chaotix - Sonic Team
    "Once upon a time you could be a bad guy,And youd live to see another day.But now youd never manage,Boy, youd be brain damaged,Just to think that you could get away.The power has arrived in a dream team.A"
  • Sonic boom - Sonic Team
    "If you're strong, you can flyYou can reach the other side of the rainbow.It's your right, take a chance'cause there's no circumstanceThat you can't handle (when you use your mind)Sonic boom, sonic boomTrouble"
  • Sonic heroes - Sonic Team
    "What goes up must come downYet my feet don't touch the groundSee the world spinning upside downA mighty crash without a soundI can feel your every rageStep aside I'll turn the pageBreakin' through your"
  • Sonic - Orgy
    "Sonic (Words and music: Jay Gordon/Amir Derakh/Bobby Hewitt/Ryan Shuck/Paige Haley) It's in my head everyday, A braindead revolution Mixed up in so many ways, But it translates the same, It translates"
  • Sonic - Leonardo'S Bride
    "Sand in my eyes sand in my hair Sand in the places I never knew People are cruel when they want to be They turn into monsters Out of the sea You're not like all of the rest You're always smiling and waving When"
  • Sonic - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Some Friendly Sonic Illustrate and beautify This one time painting is sinking so fast What you need is someone like me These weeks are too long, you're drifting too far out Chorus I know"
  • Team Chaotix - Gunnar Nelson
    "(SOS, SOS, SOS, SOS...) Once upon a time you could be a bad guy And you'd live to see another day But now you'd never manage Boy, you'd be brain damaged Just to think that you could get away The power"
  • Team Chaotix - Sega Sound Studio
    "Once upon a time, you could be a bad guy, And you'd live to see another day. But now you never, boy, you'd be BRAIN DAMAGED just to think that you could get away. The power has arrived in a dream team, A"
  • Double Team - Tenacious D
    "Damn A hard days rockin' Better slip off m'shoes Maybe give a little stretch, and a bend Dip my toe to jacuzzi baby Slip out this book, "The Buttress of Windsor" "Ho ho ho who's this? How's it goin'?" That's"
  • Team - Noah Cyrus & MAX
    "look at me you think that I’m trying to fight ya but I’ll always be on your side you know me why you always on defense them making me feel like your fenced in how many times do I have to convince you that"
  • Team - LORDE
    "Wait 'til you're announced We've not yet lost all our graces The hounds will stay in chains Look upon your greatness and she'll send the call out Send the call out Call all the ladies out, they're in"
  • Team - Krewella
    "Last night, I saw the fear and the fire burn in your eyes The way you’re looking at me like a deer in headlights Didn't they tell you to not bring a knife to a gunfight? I ain't givin' up I ain't givin'"
  • Hail - Anouk
    "They say that sometimes you've got to pick up arms and fight for what you believe is right some say that's just not the way you will only make things worse so I close my eyes and I turn my head away and"
  • Hail, Hail - Harem Scarem
    "Haunted by your slide You thought you were on your climb The open door shut tight Braving our misfortunes day and night Falling down from faulty spines All dry rivers in my dying thirst for you And you"
  • Hail hail - Pearl Jam
    "Ah is there room for both of us both of us apart? are we bound out of obligation? is that all we've got? i hear the words and then I get to thinking i don't wanna think i wanna feel how do i feel? how"
  • Hail, Hail - Eddie Vedder
    "Is there room enough for both of us? Both of us apart? Are we bound out of obligation? is that all we got? (I)Get the words and then I get to thinking I don't want to think I wanna feel How do I feel? How"
  • All Hail - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "This impulse, so lazy Fifteen days without a set change, Forward yes kid counter-clock cross clutches Three billion people One fucking name. Raise the flag of resolution Live out your cycle, Out here there's"
  • Thought Provoking Sonic Device - Guttermouth
    "got a thing or two i want to say gonna rock you down if your in my way don't want no peace or love and kindness all i really ever need is... silence! i'll tell you when it's time to speak riot! hopefully"

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