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Sonicue alive

  • Alive - Krewella
    "Let's make this fleeting moment last forever So, tell me what you're waiting for? I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever, There's no regretting anymore. It's worth to wait, even so far away. I'm making"
  • Alive - Dub War
    "m..m..m..money money m..m..mm.. money m..m..mm.. money money m..m..mm.. money m..m..mm wow money, money money come here - say hey you ninny got to understand. its time that you made a positive plan. instead"
  • Alive - Superchick
    "Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead Not a walking zombie with no head Not a Stepford wife made to obey Don't want to go through life that way I'm"
  • ALIVE - Empire Of The Sun
    "Days go by my window World slows down as it goes Goodbye to last night Lost love out of sight Can’t you help me see? (They won’t get right) Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive Alive Loving"
  • Alive - Shihad
    "Wannabe (Ohhh) Millionaire F***! I got something exploding inside of my head I will try to forget everything that you said Royalty (Ohhh) Counterfeit Whore! I will try to forget everything that you said I"
  • Alive - Mondotek
    "Clip it together Try to keep and staying alive And to keep and staying alive Staying alive, staying alive Clip it together Try to keep and staying alive (*7) Clip it together try... Haha Haha Haha Haha And"
  • Alive - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
    "Alive, alive, alive, alive Never thought the day would come when I'd see My reflection smiling right back at me It's been a while since I've been happy Not sure, that I'm ready I never planned on letting"
  • Alive - Dami Im
    "I'm coming out from the shadows Shooting straight like an arrow Ain't nothing gonna slow me down Slow me down yeah I'm gonna flow like a cool breeze Stand taller than a palm tree Ain't nothing gonna cut"
  • Alive - Building 429
    "Can you believe, that all this time has passed us And all we were has left us, wishing we were there again Were all older now, but we still fall down and scrape our knees Well I cant believe that all"
  • Alive - Michal
    "This world will end today But the dead, and I don't care I'll be laughing loud Simply to be there To live in your hands Isn't to live at all You made me, you made me small Hey, hey, hey I'm alive"

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