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Sonny fodera you end i

  • Sonny - Varius Manx
    "I love this real man, The kind death that each rag believe. Eloquence he heard, And looks that may of women and believe... My woman Sonny, I'm silverbread a serves me well. He keeps my smile and to this"
  • Sonny - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart, Jim Cregan, Bernie Taupin & Kevin Savigar) Sonny, I've been missing you tonight, Sonny, something deep inside me has died. I gave up the purest love a woman could give to a man. Ev'rything"
  • Sonny - Robert Cray
    "Sonny was my best friend He got called to Vietnam Sonny was my best friend He went away to Vietnam Said, "Watch out for my wife and baby" "And I'll count on you when I'm gone." I looked it every"
  • Sonny - A New Found Glory
    "A New Found Glory Miscellaneous Sonny I'm sorry I heard about the bad news today a crowd of people around you telling you it's ok and everything happens for a reason when you lose"
  • Sonny - New Found Glory
    "I'm sorry I heard about the bad news today A crowd of people around you Telling you it's okay And everything happens for a reason When you lose a part of your self To somebody you know It takes a lot"
  • Sonny Boy - Al Jolson
    "Climb up on my knee Sonny Boy Though you're only three Sonny Boy You've no way of knowing There's no way of showing What you mean to me Sonny Boy When there are gray skies I don't mind the gray skies You"
  • Sonny Cried - Harry Connick Jr.
    "I cried all night for Sonny 'Til my eyes were dry 'Til the oceans overflowed And the Red Sea turned blue I cried all night for Sonny I heard he was crying, too I cried all night for Sonny We shook hands"
  • Sonny Boy - Hank Snow
    "SONNY BOY WITH CHET ATKINS (B.G. DeSylva - Ray Henderson - Lew Brown) '28 Chappell & Co instrumental When there are grey skies I don't mind the grey skies. You make them blue, Sonny Boy. Friends"
  • Sonny Boy - Owsley
    "Take Sonny, he's a real go-getter A regular man about town He's got the world revolving around the music And keeping his ear to the ground He falls asleep behind his dark sunglasses And whispers the words"
  • Sonny - Funeral For A Friend
    "You are bleak You are beautiful No matter what they say With this light And tired childish games Swept us all away Sing it out Sing it out for all of us Sing it out Sing it out for all of us This is"
  • Sonny say you will - Alannah Myles
    "Sonny say you will Take me strolling with you out on the boardwalk Cause you know you always make me feel Like we are lovers on parade with your sweet talk You look so cool but I know that you care The"
  • I Got You Babe - (With Sonny & Cher) - Cher
    "They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we're grown Well I don't know if all that's true 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you Babe I got you babe I got you babe They say"
  • Wild like a sonny boy - Greg Brown
    "He's wild like a Sonny Boy, That one eye looks at youHe wild like a Sonny Boy, Other's on VoodooHe's wild like a bad dog, Gotta howl once moreHe'll dog it all night, and then scratch scratch at your doorHe"
  • "cassius" Love Vs. "sonny" Wilson - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Shut Down, Vol. 2 "cassius" Love Vs. "sonny" Wilson Hi, this is al. this scene takes place at a typical beach boys practice Session. we're in the midst of preparing for an upcoming show when"
  • Sonny Crockett - Ca
    "Późnym wieczorem rusza w trasę specjalny agent Miami Vice czarnym ferrari z Ricardo Tubbsem przez miasto gna on jeden wie co tu jest grane na jakich korzyść płynie czas stado flamingów płoszy nad ranem"
  • All I Ever Need Is You - (With Sonny & Cher) - Cher
    "Sometimes when i'm down and all alone just like a child without a home. The love you give me keeps me hanging on oh honey, all i ever need is you. Your my first love your my last. Your my future your"
  • End - Groove Coverage
    "My home is in motion, as darkness unfolds. The air overloaded, the sky's dancing gold. But you went away, you left me to stay We'll see us in heaven, I'm counting the days At the end of time, at the end"
  • End - Simple Plan
    "I've been trying to tell you something But you never understand I feel like we've been going 'round in circles You look at me like I've become A stranger on the streets, A skeleton that's been hiding"
  • End - Bride
    "The sun shined through poking holes in the sky Like cigarette burns on the bedsheet Sound the horn step down with a shout The earth and the sun are gonna burn out Til the end Til the end of the world"
  • End - Dimension Zero
    "I'm not going to need your god when the hours have run out can't demand heavenly salvation crying out my pain on holy time These nails are really shining, heaven will you save me now? I can feel you're"

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