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Sony say goodbye

  • Say Goodbye - Theory Of A Deadman
    "She said "Don't leave this up to me to say that I don't love you anyway" Just leave it up to me to say goodbye Because these good times will never last Keep a hand on the wheel and a foot on the gas We"
  • Say Goodbye - Holy Mother
    "I see in deep blue skies Halls I kept divine Was there a better time I hear echo cries Oh...You're late It blew my mind Doesn't anybody want To let you die Your diary's erased To say goodbye Ten years,"
  • Say Goodbye - Sanctus Real
    "So say goodbye 'cause you'll be leaving soon I know it's hard, and I'll be missing you I know it's time to say goodbye I know the road, has worn You down You never broke, you always held your ground But"
  • Say Goodbye - To My Surprise
    "Im In here Away From you You Youre in here too Away From me In here Its lonely Its killing Us all Why Cant they tell us What we need to know Please Release Release Please Please Release Release Please Out"
  • Say Goodbye - Barry Manilow
    "Who is she? This beautiful creature Insisting on being alone? It would all make sense If you could hear her on the phone: Hello,who's there? Oh no How'd you find me I gotta go Don't wanna hear Another"
  • Say Goodbye - Crematory
    "A last trace of faith and the last grain of pain Howls in past desires, a last prayer at parting When I lie in my final bed, no more lies in my head I will sleep beyond all fate, too numb to hate, a last"
  • Say Goodbye - Chris Whitley
    "Once upon a time You knew where you belonged But time slips away Now there's no return Say goodbye to yesterday You can kiss the past so long (Nothing matters anyway) Say goodbye, it's already gone Don't"
  • Say Goodbye - Bonfire
    "Without you I'm doing better than I ever did before Got no flue Why must I tell you that I always loved you more Hard times were in my arguments But I finally reached the sky Too much jealousy I got a"
  • Say goodbye - Paul Young
    "Say goodbye to the wind in your sails Say goodbye darling Now you know there's no waves in those shells Say goodbye darling Tell me when You will ever get back to that place again To the place where you"
  • Say goodbye - Bonnie Tyler
    "Somewhere inside is burning I don't know why it's hurting Hoping for just one sign in your eyes That tells me you will be still Where can I go to find you? What must I do to feel you? Always looking, but"
  • Say Goodbye - S Club 7
    "In the years to come Will you think about these moments that we shared In the years to come Are you gonna think it over And how we lived each day with no regrets Nothing lasts forever though we want it"
  • Say Goodbye - Gotthard
    "Another change of season I'm on my own again It's hard to stay alive In the pouring rain I don't wanna wash my hands In childish innocence Who's wrong and who is right ? Are we running out of time ? I"
  • Say Goodbye - Chamillionaire
    "People tell me that I'm mindless but if I lost my mind, I'm not really tryin to find it Not crazy, I'm more than crazy but one thing I know is you ain't gonna play me Take a shot , ballin baby, 'til"
  • Say Goodbye - Splendora
    "here she comes again, just like an old best friend, with a ton of information bout you, and im wasting my time, being here with you, yes thats all i think that you should know there was nothing to say, i"
  • Say Goodbye - I Killed The Prom Queen
    "Storm clouds hanging over head. Offer not the slightest bit of comfort for the first time in days. I wait to discover disasters that I've slept though while I felt so alive. So we say goodbye, so we say"
  • Say Goodbye - Fleetwood Mac
    "So you face yesterday Thinking on the days of old And the price that we paid For a love we couldn't hold I let you slip away There was nothing I could do That was so long ago, yeah Still I often think"
  • Say goodbye - Sandy
    "Spoken: This song goes out to all the man in the world who don't know how to treat a lady so, listen: Refrain: Who's sorry now? You'd better learn how to say goodbye! ( See you later, now it's over ) All"
  • Say Goodbye - Ashlee Simpson
    "You don't know me Like you knew me You stopped listening The moment that I needed you the most You can't see me Like you saw me Truth comes easy But it's hard for you to pull me from the ground So I"
  • Say Goodbye - S Club
    "In the years to come Will you think about these moments that we shared In the years to come Are you gonna think it over And how we lived each day with no regrets Nothing lasts forever though we want it"
  • Say Goodbye - No Angels
    "This goes out to all the men in the world Who don't know how to treat their ladies So listen Who's sorry now? You'd better learn how To say goodbye All changes gone You'd better move on And try"

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