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Sorry justin beber

  • Sorry - Justin Guarini
    "Hold on for a minute baby- Yeah Just listen- All this time it's been on my mind, but I never said it Went along like I did no wrong, but now I regret it Should have probably listened more- Held your hand"
  • Justin - Against Me!
    "They're advertising on the TV. "Become a soldier," It's still high school politics, you know. Nothing's changed, jocks and assholes still don't know shit about aesthetic. I think I smell a rat. We sold"
  • Justin - Korn
    "Fuck all that bullshit! You watch me play. I look away. Your lights turn bright. You found the light. Take, off in space. You and I. Time, off in space. You and I. You're gonna die! Wanna meet me,"
  • Me Beber - Paloma San Basilio
    "La locura de no volver a verte enciende en la piel hogueras de nieve. Aunque brilla el sol, sobre m llueve el miedo de perderte, necesito decirte te quiero. Y la noche es la mano de fuego que puede"
  • Agua De Beber - Astrud Gilberto With Antonio Carlos Jobim
    "Eu quis amar, mas tive medo E quis salvar meu corao Mas o amor sabe um segredo O medo pode matar o seu corao gua de beber gua de beber, camar gua de beber gua de beber, camar! Eu nunca fiz coisa to certa Entrei"
  • Ponme De Beber - Despistaos
    "Vamonos al bar, necesito celebrar. Si he podido aguantar tanto puedo aguantar ms. Pero ponme de beber, ponme de beber, ponme lo que sea que me haga sentir bien. Te miro de reojo, de frente no me atrevo, si"
  • Vou Beber Veneno - Gino E Geno
    "Refro Eu vou beber veneno, porque ela no me quer Eu vou beber veneno, cerveja com caf Cerveja eu bebo a noite e caf de manh cedo Os dois ao mesmo tempo Deus me livre eu tenho medo (2x) O homem quando"
  • I'm Sorry - Justin Timberlake
    "I'm Sorry Can someone tell me why I always hurt you 'Cause honestly, I just dont understand You would've given me the world, if i asked But now I'll never have that chance again I miss the way you made"
  • It it too late to say I'm sorry now? - Justin Bieber
    "(12 października 2015 roku Justin Bieber na swoim koncie na Instagramie opublikował filmik, na którym bez koszulki ćwiczy układ choreograficzny do utworu z nowej płyty, która funkcjonuje pod roboczym tytułem"
  • Justin-Se?orita - Justin Timberlake
    "Pharrell: Ladies and gentlemen Justin: Huh Pharrell: It's my pleasure to introduce to you He's a friend of mine Justin: Yes, yes I am Pharrell: And he goes by the name... Justin Whoa-ooh-ooh All the way from"
  • Sorry (feat. Skrillex) - Justin Bieber
    "You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty You know I try but I don't do too well with apologies I hope I don't run out of time, can someone call a referee? Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness I"
  • Beber De Tu Sangre - Moenia
    "Tantas cosas en la mente me aterran el pensar en todo y nada de una vez el estar dormido, el soar con fro el permanecer perdido, buscndote Podra gritar que me dejes beber de tu sangre Podra gritar"
  • Justin Costa - Stafford
    "And this is pain, a ghost that seems to linger. It's something you and I have both felt, but at least there's a weight at the end of this long rope. (Just know that no matter who calls your name, you and"
  • Justin Bieber - Oki
    "Przelot, przelot, przelot Przelot, przelot, przelot tak mi mijają dni suko nie wiesz co to przelot tak, przelot zamykali drzwi suko nie wiesz co to przelot tak, przelot tak mi mijają dni pamiętam jak"
  • Beber De Tu Sangre - Los Amantes De Lola
    "Tantas cosas en la mente me aterran el pensar en todo y nada de una vez el estar dormido, el so'ar con fro el permanecer perdido, buscndote Tras los muros de mi casa tan fra que puedo pensar en algo para"
  • Bounce (feat. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake - Timbaland
    "(Tempo has reached critical level) (Tempo has reached critical level) Huh... bounce... ooh I like you... bounce... C'mere girl, c'mere girl, c'mere girl, bounce C'mere girl, c'mere girl, c'mere girl, bounce C'mere"
  • For Justin - Dashboard Confessional
    "It's been a year now since you were here now And I've been trying to heal inside Dedications of how I placed And I see your resemblance in my face And on our birthday I said an extra wish for you (for"
  • Justin Sux - Nemesis 66
    "From what I hear You were a loser In elementary school You were a loser in junior high too You were shy And nobody was your friend I know you now and I understand And for all the times you put people"
  • Drinking Water (Aqua De Beber) - Frank Sinatra
    "(A.C. Joblim, V. De Moraes, N. Gimbel) Your love is rain, my heart the flower, I need your love or I will die My very life is your power, will I wither and fade or bloom to the sky Aqua de Beber, Give"
  • Vou Dar De Beber ? Dor - Amalia Rodrigues
    "Vou dar de beber dor Foi no domingo passado que passei casa onde viveu a Mariquinhas Mas est tudo to mudado Que no vi em nenhum lado As tais janelas que tinham tabuinhas Do rs-do-chao ao telhado No"

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