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  • Feast of the grand whore - Rotting Christ
    "Aclo Savaoth soth The final chapter Winds of chilling mayhem Reborn through uman blood Narahousa raped and disgraced Singing ancient necropsalms They tresspass with no fear The mystical acheron Marking"
  • The Whyle - Qntal
    "Alas, alas, the while Thout I on no gile, So have I good chaunce. Alas, alas, the while That ever I coude daunce. Lad I the daunce a missomer day, I made smale trippes, soth fore to say. Jak, oure haly"
  • Slay Me Suddenly - Mediaeval Baebes
    "Your yen two woll sle me sodenly! I may the beute of them not sustene So wondeth is throrowout my herte kene And, but your word woll helen hastely My hertes wound, while that it is grene Your yen"
  • The Pagan Swords of Legend - Hecate Enthroned
    "Slaying souls, danse macabre >From within and still unscarred I stand alone and solemn as thy distant lights frey to death And all around fore none as demon shall be found Out beneath the azrael Tolling"
  • Walk It, Talk It - Yung Wun
    "(Yung Wun) Oh Yea, All In Formation (hook)(David Banner) We gon walk wit it(HEY) We gon talk wit it (OOOOH) Got me screamin out yung bunch yall dont say that again yung bunch yall dont say that"
  • Down With Bane - Shael Riley
    "When the weekend comes, every time, sure enough, someone's like "Yo, Shael. You wan' go to the club?" Nah, I got something to take care of. "Man, you talkin' 'bout that Gangrel Sheriff." I came to roll"

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