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Soundgarden Never Named

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Soundgarden Never Named

  • Never Named - Soundgarden
    "I had a dog he was a mix He loved me like God But I was just a kid The kind mother likes Now I'm big like the sky And I'm down sized inside I'll put this all to rest I'm just a baby who looks like a boy I'm"
  • She Never Named It - Agent Felix
    "so I'll sit down I'm that this might hurt be careful not to slit open my wrists with your words I just rubbed out my last wish I'll wish it all away to spell out your name with all the stars of Uruguay jump"
  • Dogg named Snoop - Snoop Dogg
    "Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) bow wow, (SNOOP!) (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!) Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop), Motherfucking dogg (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!) What, (Named Snoop) (SNOOP!), what Motherfucking dogg"
  • Bus Named Desire - Soul Asylum
    "Calling you from inside the wire I'm payin' my dues underneath your tires Standing out in the middle of traffic Photographing the crash Waitin' in line with little old ladies With a bug up my ass I wanna"
  • Man Named Joe - CAN
    "Like to tell you a story 'bout a man named Joe, He got a head, like a head, like a head like soap, Stands about five feet off the ground Like a poor man, a poor mans always down. Can't you see, cant you"
  • A Girl Named - Red Roses For A Blue Lady
    "devil girl, here's my heart to melt if you'd like... you see I've singed and I'm ready to hurt again... pathetic girl, here's my heart to melt if you'd like, but doesn't it burn when your words lose the"
  • Who Named The Days? - Arab Strap
    "I never slam the door these days then again, i'm never here. And you know where to find me with my oldest friend I hold so dear. Who named the days? Who named this mess? I don't care what she says I"
  • A Girl Named Happiness - Jeremy Jordan
    "Happiness lights up a room when she smiles,you can feel her warmth from miles and miles and miles, sun shines down on the flowers in her hair, sweet radiant beauty fills the air, oh yeah... Chorus: I"
  • No More Named Johnny - Hawksley Workman
    "No More Named Johnny No more named Johnny Ive been broken too much before The girls are on display in the window And the boys are in the freezer room Ive been crushed by too many Johnnys And I never want"
  • Places Named After Numbers - Frank Black
    "Beyond below above A gravity that slumbers At the center of Places named after numbers A different kind of love She was right She was right there She was right there all the time Collapsing all the way And"
  • A Streetkid Named Desire - Bad Religion
    "Well, it was punk fifteen in the mornin' And it was time to stand my ground And as the gawks and stares bombarded me You know, I didn't even hear a sound No one gave a damn if I was there or away If I"
  • A Guy Named Sid - Spock's Beard
    "Sid was wild when He was a kid Never quite understood why he did just what he did Now he wonders why nobody likes him Now he wonders why he can't get any respect His is the same old story (yet another"
  • A Girl Named Jerk - Bombs and Beating Hearts
    "I'm so frustrated I'm so confused Every time I think about the weather I can't help but think about you The government tells us dirty lies, The media covers up our eyes So we never see the whole truth"
  • Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover) - Chris Cornell
    "In my eyes Indisposed In disguise as no one knows Hides the face Lies the snake The sun in my disgrace Boiling heat Summer Stench 'Neath the black the sky looks dead Call my name through the cream And"
  • St. Louis named a shoe after me - Hall Tom T
    "You know what I've been doin' honey since you said goodbyeI've been gettin' close to walkin' my one millionth mileI walked the floor so much just thinkin' where could you beSt Louis named a shoe after"
  • St. Louis Named A Shoe After Me - Tom T. Hall
    "You know what I've been doin' honey since you said goodbye I've been gettin' close to walkin' my one millionth mile I walked the floor so much just thinkin' where could you be St Louis named a shoe after"
  • A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed - Evans Blue
    "She wears a butterfly on her wrist But she might as well cut it's head off She's holding out for weapons to kill the ghost inside Or at least kill the thought she has of killing her mind she says "I love"
  • A Guy Named Sid: Pt. VI - Change - Spock's Beard
    "I can't help the way that I am Cause it was you that made me You never offered to lend a hand So I did it for myself I did it for myself I know there's something missing Got to find a way to make it happen It's"
  • Never The Machine Forever - Soundgarden
    "I can't live when it lives It won't live if I die Machine has no heart to give Heart it takes could be mine Come on Come down Come out from where you hide Follows me down the river Shadows me through"
  • Me And You And A Dog Named Boo - Kenny Price
    "I remember to this day the bright red Georgia clay How it stuck to the tires after the summer rain Will power made that old car go my rovin' mind told me that's so Oh how I wish we were back on the road"

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