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Soundgarden Tears To Forget

  • Tears To Forget - Soundgarden
    "These tears to remember These tears to forget When I try to cry one These tears do forget you I suckle life Its love and its beauty Well I scream from life Its honor and its beauty These tears to remember These"
  • Forget - And Then I Turned Seven
    "Wasted time, wasted breath, and for what there's nothing left My pillow's crisp, the tears have dried, her selfish ways, my bloodshot eyes. I used to wake up everyday and hear her voice, but now waking"
  • Forget - Jamestown Story
    "Wasted time. Wasted breath. And for what? There's nothing left. My pillows crisp, the tears have dried. Her selfish ways-my bloodshot eyes. I used to wake up everyday and hear her voice. But now waking"
  • Forget To Forget - Billy Crawford
    "Oohhh.... I can't keep dreamin' With all the pain I'm feelin' All I know it that you're gone Why is it taking me so long ? How can I move on, without your love I'm long gone Turn back the hands of time Back"
  • Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover) - Chris Cornell
    "In my eyes Indisposed In disguise as no one knows Hides the face Lies the snake The sun in my disgrace Boiling heat Summer Stench 'Neath the black the sky looks dead Call my name through the cream And"
  • Tears - Ken Dodd
    "Tears for souvenirs are all you've left me Memories of a love you never meant I just can't believe you could forget me After all those happy hours we spent (together) Tears have been my only consolation But"
  • Tears - Bee Gees
    "I started out to be the man behind the scenes Knowing I was in above my head For all that I could see I never saw the truth Now I'm alone Heaven only knows how much I'm missing you Knowing I had heaven"
  • Tears - Ensiferum
    "Shadows of evening on a traveller's way Destiny tells where the strange path will lead you Alone I've been walking this path every day under the stars and the white silver moon I hear a song and I'm closing"
  • Tears - Crystal Kay
    "Shatsu de namida wo huku you ni uzumeta kono kao wo agetara Soko ni wa mou nido to wa modore nai koto wa dare yori mosou Watashi ga wakatteru Still i don't forget your love Itsuka doko kade guuzen ni"
  • Try To Forget - De/Vision
    "You You return in the night Don't have a person to hold you And you think about the past time When you were When you were still loved You go to bed alone Don't have a person to warm you And you think"
  • Try To Forget - De Vision
    "Try To Forget YouYou return in the nightDon't have a person to hold youAnd you think about the past timeWhen you wereWhen you were still loved You go to bed aloneDon't have a person to warm youAnd you"
  • Try To Forget - Fractured
    "Caught in the moment, I'm lost in the past, I'm afraid of the future, it's moving much too fast. The lights of today have started to dim The lights of tomorrow soon will begin. The things we shared, the"
  • Forgive To Forget - Michelle Shocked
    "You remind me of someone I once knew I don't know who, I don't know Who could it be, who could it be, let me see Oh, yes, I remember now It was me Filled with fear, possessed by pain Bitter tears I'm"
  • Forgetting To Forget - Before I Go
    "holding these feelings of regret I keep forgetting to forget giving everything for a chance at this again merely observing my own fate despair lingering in wait can't help but think was it all for nothing"
  • Forget Me - Shania Twain
    "Don't go around talkin' to your friends about me Bury the past, just let it rest in peace Leave well enough alone Treat me like someone you've never known Forget me Like you forgot to come home at night Forget"
  • Don't Forget - Brett Dennen
    "don't forget, don't forget mhmm that I believe in you should you forget should you forget let me remind that I am behind you you were a secret, waiting to be found out soon be what everyone is talking"
  • Forget Regret - Death By Stereo
    "And we survived, through death, Unanswered questions, a night I can't forget. The horror, the sorrow, the shame, all trapped inside, When some on shoots all the lights, I see you when I close my eyes, All"
  • Forget Her - Jeff Buckley
    "While this time's busy sleeping, All the noise has died away. I walk the streets to stop my weeping, She'll never change her ways. Don't fool yourself, she was heartache from the moment that you met her. And"
  • Never Forget - Al-D
    "(*Al-D & (Z-Ro) talking*) Screw (what's the deal my nigga) Man, King Screw, dedicate this to you my nigga We love you forever boy (straight up much love) We ain't gon never forget you mayn Never forget"
  • Forget Tomorrow - The Agonist
    "Fall into flames All that remains of me is a stepped on, thrown out piece of your enemy All that remains of me is about to hit the ground When you begin to deny all of your past lives When you begin to"

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