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  • Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover) - Chris Cornell
    "In my eyes Indisposed In disguise as no one knows Hides the face Lies the snake The sun in my disgrace Boiling heat Summer Stench 'Neath the black the sky looks dead Call my name through the cream And"
  • Dusty - Soundgarden
    "I think it's turning back around And I think I like it I think it's turning back around Though I don't know why it is I think it's turning back on me I'm down on the upside I think it's turning back on"
  • Never Named - Soundgarden
    "I had a dog he was a mix He loved me like God But I was just a kid The kind mother likes Now I'm big like the sky And I'm down sized inside I'll put this all to rest I'm just a baby who looks like a boy I'm"
  • Never The Machine Forever - Soundgarden
    "I can't live when it lives It won't live if I die Machine has no heart to give Heart it takes could be mine Come on Come down Come out from where you hide Follows me down the river Shadows me through"
  • Tighter & Tighter - Soundgarden
    "Shadow face Blowing smoke and talking wind Lost my grip Fell too far to start again A sudden snake Found my shape and tells the world Remember this Remember everything is just black Or burning sun And"
  • No Attention - Soundgarden
    "I've got war on my mind blood on my hands And love on my head So open your hands open your mouth Let it be said You know I've got it made in my mind Don't waste my time it's not going to change So say"
  • Switch Opens - Soundgarden
    "Hey you slaves go hang your owners Draw your names among their ashes Put your children on their thrones Gather 'round and fall right down Here at sundown nothing is when Everything all right Switch opens Opening"
  • Overfloater - Soundgarden
    "Come on in and take me on an override Been stuck inside and up all night at Dave's Now trouble's far away, and mother in her cage And nothing's gonna pinch this nerve of mine I wanna make it right Close"
  • An Unkind - Soundgarden
    "We see the vipers of distance Crawl into our lives everyday Breeding our Edens of hatred Pathetically stupid and unkind We couldn't look a saint in the eyes On the storm It's time to go On the storm It's"
  • Boot Camp - Soundgarden
    "I must obey the rules I must be tame and cool No staring at the clouds I must stay on the ground In clusters of the mice The smoke is in our eyes Like babies on display Like angels in a cage I must be"
  • Let Me Drown - Soundgarden
    "Stretch the bones over my skin Stretch the skin over my head I'm going to the holy land Stretch the marks over my eyes Burn the candles deep inside Yeah you know where I'm coming from Give up to greed,"
  • My Wave - Soundgarden
    "Take, if you want a slice If you want a piece If it feels alright Break, if you like the sound If it gets you up If it brings you down Share, if it makes you sleep If it sets you free If it helps you"
  • Mailman - Soundgarden
    "Hello don't you know me I'm the dirt beneath your feet The most important fool you forgot to see I've seen how you give it Now I want to receive I know that you Would do the same for me I know I'm headed"
  • Superunknown - Soundgarden
    "If this isn't what you see It doesn't make you blind If this doesn't make you feel It doesn't mean you've died Where the river's high Where the river's high If you don't want to be seen You don't have"
  • Head Down - Soundgarden
    "We see you laugh We see you dance We take that away Every day We see you cry We turn your head Then we slap your face We see you try We see you fail Some things never change We hear you cry We hear"
  • Limo Wreck - Soundgarden
    "Tears of the feeble Hands of the slaves Skin of the mothers Mouths of the babes Building the towers Belongs to the sky When the whole thing Comes crashing down Don't ask me why Under the shelf The shelf"
  • Kickstand - Soundgarden
    "Kickstand, you got loose and I threw up Kickstand, you got the juice to fill my cup My mother says that it's alright My mother says that's the only life So do it right Do it right Come stand me up Come"
  • Fresh Tendrils - Soundgarden
    "Long time coming It seemed to take me through Long time coming Many served the few And long to taste the shame That bows down before you Long time coming It seemed to get me by Long time coming It seemed"
  • 4th Of July - Soundgarden
    "Shower in the dark day Clean sparks driving down Cool in the waterway Where the baptized drown Naked in the cold sun Breathing life like fire Thought I was the only one But that was just a lie Cause I"
  • Like Suicide - Soundgarden
    "Heard it from another room Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep Love's like suicide Dazed out in a garden bed With a broken neck lays my broken gift Just like suicide And my last ditch Was my last"

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