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Sounds Like It To Me !

  • Sounds - Yukka
    "Lonely eyes, no one notices the change Bowl of ice turning to water I sit here watching nature in progress I believe that we should be more like this She stands inside She's waiting for something more I"
  • Sounds Like War - P.O.D.
    "What you know about that fallin, fallin Babylon this so called great dead, wait, Dread bout to update the death rate in one take, Make no mistake we the real deala, The radical natural born wig-splitter. Gonna"
  • Sounds Good To Me - Annihilator
    "Say goodbye and close your eyes, let's drift away Like a ship on the ocean, we'll set sail for a better day Come live in a daydream, this is your wonderland Let's swim in the deep sea, so jump in and take"
  • Sounds Bad - T-Pain
    "Mmm mmm mmm mmm I wanna dedicate this to my struggling bro Keep pushing on, keep pushing on Yea First of the month Check late Got nothin to do Imma roll me a blunt Got drank Call me a hoe or two Now"
  • Only sounds - Wet Wet Wet
    "If you're there and you care And you listen very careful, darling You'll hear my prayer And if you hear, loud and clear You would get a million kisses from me Somewhere, somehow And if the night's a lonely"
  • Elevated Sounds - Kottonmouth Kings
    "There's nuttin' in the world that can hold us down The elevated sound keep the tables rollin' round Makin' hella beats, skaten with my peeps I love to sit and chill with my girl by the beach Complete,"
  • Sounds Like A Melody - Alphaville
    "It's a trick of my mind Two faces bathing in the screenlight She's so soft and warm in my arms I tune it into the scene My hands are resting on her shoulders When we're dancing away for a while Oh we're"
  • It Sounds Like You're Saying Hello - The Partridge Family
    "Hello You're saying hello Like it means goodbye If I could listen to the words that you say I could hold on for awhile I could go on, baby, fooling myself I could even manage a smile But believing isn't"
  • Sounds Like A Personal Problem - Ghost Of The Robot
    "What is this crap I'm going through? Where am I at and who are you? To make me feel like I'm so scared Caught me off-guard, was not prepared For you So smart, so cool To me Life seems it shouldn't be"
  • This Is What It Sounds Like - Black Moon
    "Hum, And another one (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha) Buck flow with the speed of a bodsled Bust led to the head plus I stay red Everytime I think about the dead I think about what Makaveli said Fight for the one's who"
  • Everything you say it sounds like gospel - Matt Nathanson
    "I've got bravery that shorts out on meI see superstars in common thievesAnd I see all you give upAnd I try to be as muchEverything you say it sounds like gospelEverything you say it sounds like gospel"
  • It Sounds Like Love (But Looks Like Sex) - Zeromancer
    "My Jesus is worth more Than your American whore Renegade and say it Is what you can't see He's gonna save me Damned if you do Damned if you don't That's what the slut The slut in you wants Damned if you"
  • Sounds Like Balloons - Biffy Clyro
    "Ancient Rome We built that fucker stone by stone Our fingers bled, our feet were worn But we stayed strong and carried on Come on in Do you want to touch my bulbous head? With features wrapped and stretched"
  • This Is How It Sounds - Skee-Lo
    "(Skee-Lo) Yeah, this is not the diddy cause the diddy's dum, dum Now I'm checkin out the sounds of the phat jazz drum The horns and the samples with the bass and the boom When added all together it's a"
  • Sounds - William Tell
    "Take a breather, let your air out This can get you somewhere She's the queen of screaming shit out If she lets you stand there You keep ringing in my head You always do this to me You keep ringing in"
  • The Only Sounds - Wet Wet Wet
    "Weight of the world's on my shoulders Like I've never known before And the winter winds blowing colder And I just can't take anymore Feel I'm running down a dead end street Trying to change my direction All"
  • Sounds Of Sex - Poison
    "Yo, bret-- Yes? Give it to her! I like to make you scream Be the one to wet your dream --? ? ? / I talk dirty in your... I tell you things that you would like to hear You're such a sexy young thing I'm"
  • Sounds Of Death - Bloodthorn
    "Behind the shuttered door a voice from below the earth rumbled like the fiery pits of the underworld And with such ferocious strenght it spoke, the entire world trembled "Hearken to me my legions... walk"
  • Sounds The Same - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "(Yeah) Yeah...Bone Thugs... (You know a nigga been all over the world man) Australia, China, Africa...England (you know it's the same shit everywhere I go, you know) Why does everybodys story seem"
  • Softer Sounds - Horse
    "the sheep----- tonight they weep FEAR -----for the feeding GASP------clutched in groups no they dont no they dont hope X2 these poor sheep tonight they weep begging for death but they settle for sleep sound"

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