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South Blunt System sorry

  • Sorry - South Blunt System
    "I can't look in your eyes I still think about that how We did you lost go to dance for me You are looking the ocean during sitting on beach. and that moment I phone the let in battle With told I love"
  • OK (feat. James Blunt) - Robin Schulz
    "I really need you /2x Love right now I’m fading fast Not gonna last I’m really stupid I’m burning up I’m going down I win it back Don’t even ask When I found in the middle in the middle /2x Could you"
  • Blunt - Wild Strawberries
    "I don't want to be beautiful No one ever hears her speak I don't want to be a diplomat With a heart attack for peace All that I need is a fire escape All that I need is a stone Everything that starts"
  • Blunt - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Late at night in the bedlum back rooms they sought you out breakers come in the dark crowds hits all hits all around you say i come look down you're wrong in the night i wanna go home In the night I'm"
  • Blunt - Sunk Loto
    "Another finger to be pointed Another voice to be heard Another finger to be pointed An eye for an eye And your presence is annoying And you never got burned I could never decide for life or suicide Save"
  • How To Roll A Blunt - Redman
    "(Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SHIT!!) Check it out Yo, 1992 begins the new wave for the blunt rollers You know what I'm sayin'? The saga of the philly blunt continues The flava's the P-Funk y'all, get wit"
  • How to roll a blunt - Method Man
    "(Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SHIT!!) Check it out Yo, 1992 begins the new wave for the blunt rollers You know what I'm sayin'? The saga of the philly blunt continues The flava's the P-Funk y'all, get wit"
  • System Utopia - Ring Of Fire
    "[2002 Boalsongs BMI / Gildon Music BMI / Eyes on the Prize BMI] On the sea of clouds On the shores of heaven From the north to the south To the portals of time On a desert isle On a untouched mountain On"
  • Twisted System - This Providence
    "sorry im just tired, you said i made a scene and you replied sorry that im tired, but can i just see you smile? what was going through my head? as we laid on the phone in our beds? you always felt like"
  • Dirty South - Vanilla Ice
    "Chorus: here come the south shit dirty south shit...whud here come the south shit dirty south shit...whud here come the south shit dirty south shit...Uh here come the south shit dirty dirty fly shit this"
  • The South - E.S.G.
    "Intro: Alright This is yo everyday boppin bitch And I'm lookin for the niggas wit the drop top Candy painted hittin the switch So here's a blast for ya muthafuckin ass Wit a dick in ya mouth Straight from"
  • Niebezpieczna jak wojna - South Blunt System
    "Dźwięk samotności South Blunt System Człowiek bez człowieka Jak drzwi bez klamki Studia bez wody Ramka bez fotografii Jesteś ważnym elementem – częścią maszyny Która ma tworzyć szczęście a nie spiny Patrz"
  • Down South - Snoop Dogg
    "Down south smuggling cash, Hustlin for cash Bustin my ass, Just to live 1st class As the game rotate, I regulate to innovate City to city, State to state, Don't hate I get up early in the morning, I"
  • Babilon (feat. Tommy Gunz; Black Wall Street Mixtape) - South Blunt System
    "Wciągnął nas Babilon Złą siłą Złym duchem dzisiejszy dzień się okrywa I zbiera swe żniwa /x2 Wciągnął nas Babilon Złą siłą, złą siłą... Przygotuj się synu, rozpoczyna się rzeźnia Wykop sobie grób, nawet"
  • Kingsofda south - T.I.
    "I been a menace to society Since when? Since menace to society Still refused to become a legitimate citizen quietly Felt like my labor hidin' me But here I am anyway I might be back to slangin' grams any"
  • Down South - Big Tymers
    "(feat. Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Jazzy Pha) Yeahh.. scene so thick Talkin bout OutKast, Organized, Rap-A-Lot Nuttin but that U.G.K. All the playas All the hustlers Eightball, MJG, Goodie Mob Y'all know what"
  • Czasy Się Zmieniły - South Blunt System
    "O-oł, South Blunt System Przecież to nie wróci już tu, nie ma co pieprzyć Jest tylko wspomnień w huj, większość ma na pauzie ekstrip Bo każdy już na ful, poczuł ból i te męki Kiedy idziesz drogą pod prąd,"
  • Ruch Planet - South Blunt System
    "Wszytko zapisane gdzieś wokół planet Jak ma być tak jest Pogódź się z tym, amen Jak tracisz cel, doceń każdy poranek A życie wróci wiarę /2x Zaczarowani – on młody, ona młoda Płynęli po tej samej fali,"
  • The Phone Is Such A Blunt Object - Odd Project
    "I've taken all the notes you gave me And built a paper plane to carry this broken heart and sleeping pills The next morning I'll be gone As autumn sends its best wishes the search is over and I'm still"
  • The System - South Park
    "(Verse 1) This Ones for those on the dead end street I hope one day I see yo benz creep hustlin hard to make all they ends meet S-P got the Bentley watch for the jealousy that most friends keep I used"

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