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South pacific

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South pacific

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South pacific
  • Broadways Happy Talk - South Pacific
    "Happy talk, keep talkin happy talk talk about thing you like to do you got to have a dream... if you dont have a dream.. How you gonna have a dream come true? talk about the moon.. floating in the sky lookin"
  • Broadways A Wonderful Guy -South Pacific
    "I expect everyone of my crowd to make fun of my proud protestations of faith and romance. And they'll say I'm naive as a babe to believe every fable I hear from a person in pants. Fearlessly, I'll face"
  • Digable Planets Pacifics
    "Butterfly searchin for a relax Pullin from the jazz stacks cause it's Sunday On the air is incense sounds to the ceiling Tried to get this feelin since Monday Lookin out the window watchin all the people"
  • Michael Franks Blue Pacific
    "(for P.Y.) Here I am: "Hometown Boy Makes Good" Writes one critic. All my childhood I lived By the blue Pacific. Anytime that reality Makes me heartsick I come here just to stare At the blue Pacific Sea."
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Southern Pacific
    "Down the mountainside To the coastline Past the angry tide The mighty diesel whines. And the tunnel comes And the tunnel goes Round another bend The giant drivers roll. I rode the Highball I fired the"
  • Neil Young Southern Pacific
    "Down the mountainside To the coastline Past the angry tide The mighty diesel whines. And the tunnel comes And the tunnel goes Round another bend The giant drivers roll. I rode the Highball I fired the"
  • Slim Dusty Indian Pacific
    "From coast to coast by night and day, hear the clickin' of the wheels The hummin' of the diesel, of her ribbons of steel Carryin' the memories of a nation built by hand See the Indian Pacific span the"
  • Ash Pacific Palisades
    "You were standing on the shore Listening to the ocean's roar Sea breeze tangled in your hair Immortal, young and free of cares You let the night lull you away to Dark pacific palisades yeah Wait for the"
  • Uriah Heep Pacific Highway
    "Tryin' to make it back To my old home town I've been driving since The break of dawn Got a feeling like a fever Burning in my brain When I see her It'll be all gone Pacific highway Getting nearer now And"
  • Hank Snow Canadian Pacific
    "Recorded by Hank Snow (D) I rode your ocean liner to New (EM) foundland, Where I (BM) made a living in an iron (A) mine. When I (G) got my fill I went to Nova (A) Scotia, And I (E) fished the salty waters"
  • Everclear Pacific Wonderland
    "I see you roll your eyes, You know it makes me smile, You are like the sun to me, Bright as liquid fire, I feel so powerless, To hold you up above the world, You are quite a lot of trouble, Such a pretty"
  • Ahab The Pacific
    "Oh, ye great mysterious - Thousand leagues of blue No one knows which mysteries are hidden Beneath your surface Your awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath The waves rise and fall Millions"
  • Amber Pacific Amber Pacific - Amber Pacific - P.S. I Love You
    "shes gone away, still we stay together people call me crazy, crazy my thought progress i think about forever my mind tells me maybe, maybe i wish i could drive away til the sun sets back til the day"
  • Nino Ferrer South
    "Between the big trees The flowers and the green grass The house is there It's white and brown And covered With green vine Which looks like hair. We call it the south Cause time is so long there That life"
  • A Cursive Memory South
    "Every step that I want to take I'm told to hurry up and wait, Every time that I miss a break its just my luck, As I hold hands with hope, fate lies right in front of me, As my eyes have proven to show"
  • Graham Colton Band South
    "You went up and down inside my head You cut your hair The way you smoke your cigarettes I didn't want to get too far I didn't know that's who you are I just sit alone going through your mail You don't"
  • Alpha South
    "This was the one and only So pure, so pure You named the stars and told me They're all yours, they're all yours And all at once I saw the sign The very extreme of lies And my pain Smothering My pain"
  • Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blues
    "We live on the edge of a body of water Warmed by the blood of the cold hearted slaughter of otter Wonder how she feels mother seal It's no wonder the Pacific Ocean is blue The flagship of death is an"
  • Smash Mouth Pacific Coast Party
    "Get your motor running California interstate 1 Pacific coast party If you got to work today Get yourself a new vocation Pacific coast party You don't have to mind father time mother nature Get yourself"
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark The Pacific Age
    "The Pacific Age Is growing strong It's arm's embrace witth a killing grace It shakes your hand as it takes your place The modern age Like a slow revenge A wave that breaks over distant shores It begs"

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