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  • Provenance Of Hate - Octavia Sperati
    "To spectate your inferiority What use are you to me And your presence is passing me by All the time It's infesting me and I eliminate it By offering to the wind Unsuccessful in your attempt To outshine"
  • Magnifique - Scissor Sisters
    "(Dialogue) Are you ready? The question is can you take it? And what you do when you have it... She say Magnifique! Magnifique, fantastique Wow this guy, he's got style, he's so sweet Magnifique, in elastique"
  • Deeper - Shaquille ONeal
    "Y'all wanna flay ruff? Huh, that's how I do man, that's how I do, aight For FUN, Hahahahahah, T.W.IsM. (Shaquille O'Neal) I get deeper then the fire thin Y'all wanna riot? It's like a rifle without the"
  • Style of x-pression - Kid Rock
    "Non-commercial lyrics run like HershialWalkin fast cause Im a smooth talkerAppeal to feel but dont praise and kneel, just healAnd always look for the seal thats realTop Dog, lookin up to say what is thisKid"
  • Style Of X - Pression - Kid Rock
    "Non-commercial lyrics run like hershial Walkin fast cause I'm a smooth talker Appeal to feel but don't praise and kneel, just heal And always look for the seal thats real Top dog, lookin up to say what"
  • Still shinin - Mobb Deep
    "We shot the motherfuckin pack, yo Yo, to all my niggaz uncivilized to civilized We cook the shake move the weight across the tri-state Them jooks niggaz bring the shook up out the crook type Special deliver"
  • Broken wingz - Twiztid
    "To all the angels of broken wings Fly again, and fly again, and fly away Would you fly with me? Would you die with me? Come and fly with me! Come and die with me! When the time's gettin' hard again, you"
  • Champion - Ace Hood
    "People said I wouldn't make it, that I'd never get to the top There was nothing they could say that would make me stop So I had to keep pushing through the pain and the tears All the things I've been through"
  • The Good, The Bad And The Desolate - The Roots
    "Shanky Don Intro: Now this one is dedicated to the good the bad and the desolated. And The Roots crew you know them lyrically orientated program you lose in life instantly ? we're like acid we burn you."

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