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Speech Debelle

  • Speech - Keziah Jones
    "I will speak With all the force of sunrise You and me Beyond the reach of their eyes Showing you the way their words have always been Showing you the way they speak of harmony, harmony, harmony I will"
  • Speech Behind Speech - Eberhard Schoener
    "Speech behind speech That teaches itself under the touch and sight In the night-bound city Uncovers spaces where no spaces were before Language of light Uncovers spaces where no spaces were Between the"
  • Speech Or Non-Speech - Viking
    "I don't want to hear tonight your sorrowful complaint/ You are looking for something that nobody will ever give you/ Freedom of speech, that is how you call it, I think it doesn't exist/ So take the pen,"
  • No Speech - Fuel
    "O.K. Ready to take off do it slow I'm living on the bottom I got to go five little fingers grabbing at the glass gone, those days now I'm running up and down in my cage Too late to defend, I'm buried"
  • No Speech - Guano Apes
    "O.K. Ready to take off do it slow I'm living on the bottom I got to go five little fingers grabbing at the glass gone, those days now I'm running up and down in my cage Too late to defend, I'm buried"
  • Speech Bubbles - Why?
    "Rain is millions of tiny speech bubbles unused. The collected breaths of mutes and all our silent exhalations where we should've put words, or words we had no one to tell, emptied from clouds like cleaning"
  • Tripitena's Speech - Lou Reed
    "My love The king by any other name a pissoir You, my love tower over them all they are but vermin beneath your heels They are monkeys Suit them, frame them to your own vision but do not let one false word of"
  • Speech Impediment - August Burns Red
    "Your due date is up. Don't make comments on irrelevant subjects. There is a man who seeks his own happiness, and his smile is warmer than five of yours. You keep singing to a tasteless song. He whistles"
  • Speech Bubble - Longpigs
    "I'm leaving when? too soon i really think it's time we spoke as two i'm eating what? all your kills and sucking warm sweet milk from the mother ship swapping our disease it's come to this I'm a senator's"
  • Retirement Speech - Yuppi Flu
    "if i could tell you/ wriggles are here for nuclear retirement do i know /where we go dioxide i suppose i always had a person/ a person i had to talk to impassive to all the elements so active and cozy"
  • Campaign Speech - Convey
    "Whatever you do don't make a sound, They're in the ground. And I... have nothing else to lose, Because I've got a mind for disaster now. But at least I know when the flood gates break, when the worms"
  • Checkers Speech - Mr. T Experience
    "Once upon a time, life was sweet and everything was fine. Each day was like a triumph of the will, and every night was even better still. Now, suddenly you don't wanna do it anymore. Nothing I could say"
  • Prospero's Speech - Loreena McKennitt
    "And now my charms are all o'erthrown And what strength I have's mine own Which is most faint; now t'is true I must here be confined by you But release me from my bands With the help of your good hands Gentle"
  • Sideline Speech - Mars Ill
    "(Verse 1: Manchild) I got these blind musicians watching me listen to their songs And I think they're catching on there's a chance that I might not belong They got it wrong behind the rabid barks for justice Where"
  • Serpent Speech - Entombed
    "a serpent crawls in the ashes in the remains of human misery awake but sleeping in the hour of disgust behind bars your mind is free sleeping-pills of wormwood taken by mother insane - but life goes on"
  • Speech Cobras - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "I'm the fire bearer Holder of the sun The Earth and the universe combined as one An everlasting energy taking all forms Blue skies on sunny days, terrible the storms The one who tears down what you adorn And"
  • Silent Speech - Hands On Approach
    "Hey boy, what is the word for love? That one day will be unheard Hey man, waht is the word for hate? If you look, it's written on your face Better days, don't wait to come They are only words when they"
  • Churchill's speech - Iron Maiden
    "We shall go on to the end,we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans,we shall fight! With growing confidence and growing strength in the air!We shall defend our island, whatever the"
  • Campaign Speech - Eminem
    "Jumped out of the 2nd floor of a record store With a Treacherous Four cassette and a cassette recorder In Ecuador with Edward Norton Witness the metamorphosis Of a legend growin' like an expert swordsman From"
  • HATE SPEECH - Aero
    "Byłem małolat - wszyscy się śmiali byłem grubasem w podartych ciuchach oni w bańkach mydlanych śmigali ja zapierd* w ujebanuch butach po szkole lałem sobie do galerii tak spędzałem czas ludzi na szczęście"

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