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Speechless Dan

  • Speechless - The Isley Brothers
    "Look into my eyes and seeEverything you mean to meOh, lady do you believeHow can I express the wayI dream about you night and dayBut I didn't prepare a speechLa da da da da daLa da da da da daSpeechlessSee,"
  • Speechless - Notarthomas Jamie
    "------------------ Don't ask me what I'm thinking baby I don't know But I'm sure that it is something good Don't ask me what I'm thinking baby I don't know But I probably wouldn't tell you even if I could To"
  • Speechless - Status Quo
    "(Ian Hunter) Everytime I watch you gotta switch you off You surely can't be serious Everytime I see you I just can't believe you Totally ridiculous All those days I spent staring at your wilderness All"
  • Speechless - Token
    "An early morning in December a light broke through the winters cold It's a day I will remember when I was reborn I'm Speechless, I'm breathless, I'm out of words to express myself the feeling is hard"
  • Speechless - Stephen Curtis Chapman
    "Words fall like drops of rain My lips are like clouds I say so many things just trying to figure You out As mercy opens my eyes my words are stolen away At this breathtaking view of Your grace Chorus: I"
  • Speechless - Michael Jackson
    "Your love is magical, that's how I feel But I have not the words here to explain Gone is the grace for expressions of passion But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain To tell you how I feel"
  • Speechless - D-Side
    "Speechless ooh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Tragic---completely When the one you love keeps on running games with your heart I feel the static---inside me should I stay, should I go I don't know where to start"
  • Speechless - Rushlow
    "What's a man supposed to say When you look at me that way There's not a thing about you I would change I'm speechless You're every classic movie star You're every play, you're every part You're so deep"
  • Speechless - Beyonce
    "Youve got me Youve got me Youve got me Youve got me speechless Where you been baby Waited for you all day Waited for you to use the key That opens my place My heart starts trembling As I hear your footsteps"
  • Speechless - Cibo Matto
    "I'm so speechless...you saw me crying you've never known I'm so speechless...I'll never come back to you Did you call me? Once in a week? All you wanna do is to be like a sheik Always catching girls like"
  • Speechless - School Of Fish
    "I'm flying over the city In a suit and tie And don't my dog look pretty But thats just a dog's life The world outside is red But my room is blue And it will keep me safe But I don't know from who CHORUS And"
  • Speechless - Clazziquai Project
    "Your skin your breath and I Touch you with your thousand memories And I feel your song smoothly into my ears Can't take my eyes away from you I'm speechless I gotta get to you and take your hands"
  • Speechless - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) Every time I watch you Gotta switch you off, you surely can't be serious Every time I see you I just can't believe you go below ridiculous All those days I spent Starin' at your wilderness All"
  • Speechless - Blindside
    "speechless tragic-completely when the one you love keeps running games with your heart i feel ecstatic-inside me should i stay should i go i don't know where to start oh no (bridge) cause babe you and"
  • Speechless - Musiq
    "Got me really speechless babe You got me really speechless babe Verse I: Darling baby Got me going crazy I can't seem to get you out of my You look so good to me gotta tell Even my friends wonder about"
  • Speechless - Isley Brothers
    "Look into my eyes and see Everything you mean to me Oh, lady do you believe How can I express the way I dream about you night and day But I didn't prepare a speech La da da da da da La da da da da da Speechless See,"
  • Speechless - The Veronicas
    "Feels like I have always known you And I swear I dreamt about you All those endless nights I was alone It's like I've spent forever searching Now I know that it was worth it With you it feels like I am"
  • Speechless - Helmet
    "Indecisive and deaf or dumb Tongue-dried in the sun Nervous speech and your mental health Drunk on every detail Loosened up from the moral slide as though There's nothing to hide It corresponds with your"
  • Speechless - Self Against City
    "All alone and doing better on my own Until the telephone rings, plead your case with broken wings You give yourself away to everyone and now there's nothing left for you There will come a day when everything"
  • Speechless - Macy Gray
    "sure do like the way its goin down wit you, we could be together for years and i'm ready to make that move cross the line with you we could put some joy in each others tears (bridge) and l.o.v.e dont"

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