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Speed of light queen

  • Light Speed - Dr. Dre
    "(feat. Hittman) Hey, yo whassup? My name is Dre Can I blaze some Chonic witchu? Nigga what? FO' SHO'! Roll that shit up! Hell yeah, still "Alwayz Into Somethin'" Heart still in Compton The comp"
  • Speed Of Light - Van Canto
    "At the speed of light At the speed of light I have walked about a million miles Step by step into the haze To notice it it took a while That circles were the ways I made Is it far too late? Changing"
  • Speed Of Light - Amy Diamond
    "I close my eyes and count to ten You say my name, I open them Feel like I've been here before Pacing the floor What was I thinking? What does it mean anymore? I'm not even sure How did I get here? I"
  • Speed Of Light - Blaze Bayley
    "All the force of nature, chaos and the death of hope Don't resist them and accept the death of all you know You walk alone and face the darkness you will be reborn Rediscover your existence in it's"
  • Speed Of Light - Blaze
    "All the force of nature, chaos and the death of hope Don't resist them and accept the death of all you know You walk alone and face the darkness you will be reborn Rediscover your existence in it's purest"
  • Speed Of Light - Teenage Fanclub
    "Drive an easy road If you're looking for direction Don't forget to set your seat and go Take an easy road All you need is information Everything is there to know Only you and me add up Only you and me"
  • Speed Of Light - Joseph Arthur
    "Good night New Orleans Things are exactly as they seem But I'm nowhere around Hello Mexico You're where I was told to go If I don't want to be found There's no end to the winter Waking at the break of"
  • Speed Of Light - Shades Apart
    "Day is dawning- morning will begin Twilight calling- does it have to end Can we always be- stay forever running wild and free Moon descending- tide comes in again Never-ending- take a long taste of the"
  • Speed Of Light - Pink Cream 69
    "darkness fades to white through the light fantastic never day or night in this false illusion lose all your fears that have held back the years chasing shadows, chasing shadows tonight you're on the info"
  • Speed Of Light - The Cult
    "Black California Crush the innocent mind Girl, I oughta warn you My reputation's unkind But you knew that anyway Black California Black California Change your lives at the speed of light, yeah Show"
  • Speed of Light - Asian Dub Foundation
    "There's a devil on my shoulder making me dance There's a spring in my step up to heavy hearts Appointments and deadlines sprout up like weeds Can't tell what I want from what I need Find a place in my"
  • Speed Of Light - Matthew Sweet
    "You waited for something You turned your mind around You tried to consider That some hope might be found But you still had a long way to go 'Cause you took it your own hands To let us know How the pain"
  • Speed Of Light - Corbin Bleu
    "You ready? Yeah Alright Yeah (x3) C'mon Yeah (x3) C'mon You can lie if you want, but it's in your eyes Your heart is calling for me tonight Feeling me crazy, you can't deny, I am coming over at the speed"
  • Speed Of Light - Stratovarius
    "Today is just another day of my life too short to live. I should have somekind of meaning a destiny to believe in before I go to sleep. I find some pictures of a time when everything was still so fine. Although"
  • Speed Of Light - Avalon
    "3 a.m. and you're tossing in your bed Thoughts are turning in your head You're hanging on, but how much longer Why do empty things you pour your soul into Never fill that void in you Makes you wonder There"
  • Speed of light - Omd
    "The speed of light slows down As the feather hits the ground And if nothing else gets proved It's always faster than it sounds A star that shines so bright Would be eclipsed tonight When you kiss the satellite"
  • Speed Of Light - Iron Maiden
    "Another time Another place Another Universe and space I took … to see the sights … One way ticket No return … He can’t see Let’s shoot You and me That’s … you will see To unknown galaxy Shadows in the"
  • Speed Of Light - Queensryche
    "Wonder where'd the time go? There it was, gone in the blink of an eye. See how much life is left Staring back in my face? But I know it now as clear as, Clear as a window. Never thought this day would"
  • Speed - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Speed Speed, run the thoughts inside your brain Try to catch them once And you'll be alone There's nowhere to go Speed, all the memories will come Try to make them"
  • March Of The Black Queen - Queen
    "Do you mean it, do you mean it, do you mean it? Why don't you mean it? Why do I follow you, and where do you go? Ah ah ah... You've never seen nothing like it No never in your life Like going up to"

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