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Spent my life with

  • Spent - Filter
    "all my life all my time oh it's got a price oh gonna pay for mine I know you really care all my friends they got old apathy in the brain they got no ideas in their heads they got no path that I can see don't"
  • Time Spent Sick - Larger Than Life
    "you led me to water then you let me drown I've come back who's sorry now? sorry I wasted your time time spent sick and all alone so I picked you up and took you home keep in mind that I saved you this"
  • Spent - Something With Numbers
    "I'm giving up my position in this private practice Due to one condition Affection and care you lack this A steam train is coming along and I'm tied to the tracks I'm better off without you It's over now It's"
  • Sleep Spent - Death Cab For Cutie
    "I can't expel the truth it's much more than I thought I could do and with time my worth will stain and split your heart from my name... so drive away your mouth from my ears and waste a day so I can think"
  • Spent - Abbie Gardner/Anthony Da Costa
    "I see your face in the crowd and I can't even think The timing is wrong and the songs aren't right I go over to the bar but I can't even drink Yeah, the thought alone of you has got me hammered tonight Your"
  • Spent - Trick Pony
    "People in line got a real good laugh When I pumped two dollars worth of premium gas Money down the drain (it's all I could afford) Twist off bottle and tall boy cans In a brown paper sack from the quick"
  • Spent On Rainy Days - Bright Eyes
    "I wish I saved up for rainy days cause they're the hardest to be dry I got no self control I'm always begging into telephones I bought a little from my brother's friend, well, just to get me by I don't"
  • Spent the Day in Bed - Morrissey
    "I spent the day in bed very happy i did, yes I spent the day in bed as the workers stay enslaved I spent the day in bed I’m not my type but I love my bed and I recommended that you stop watching the news because"
  • I've spent my money - Shocking Blue
    "Spent my money,What can I do?I feel so helplessAnd I feel so blue.The trouble is nobody who wants you to knowWhen you're down and out.Spent my money,Everything went wrong,Only bad loveCame along.The trouble"
  • Time Well Spent - Feltbeats
    "And I was woken by the thought in my head, Time to see the world and get up out of this bed. With feet to walk with and a little time to kill, I grab my guitar so I can go and chill Out on Box Hill, cotch"
  • Time Well Spent - Bobby Pinson
    "(Bobby Pinson/ Kris Bergsnes/ Jim McCormick) That '73 Monte Carlo Had a carload Of Schlitz and innocence Half a pack of daddy's cigarettes And a cassette of Jimi Hendrix We parked beside, The railroad"
  • the night we spent dumpster diving - Once Tasted Life
    "the sun is going down i still see your picture i'm standing on a hill watching out for shooting stars to make my wish questions in my head i don't like to answer i think 'bout what could have been and"
  • Time Well Spent Medley - Tom Felton
    "And I remember sharing lips with her The coming weeks were to be a blur 'Cause time with her is like no other She can make a winter's day feel like the summer And it's so, so nice to have her alone 'Cause"
  • A Year Spent Cold - Name Taken
    "So cool and sweet, soft to the last curve of your lips Oh does this feel the same? No this can't be cause this feels cheap Once young but now old, my heart was better sold, a heart better sold... So"
  • I Spent My Last $10 00 (On Birth Control And Beer) - Two Nice Girls
    "(Gretchen Phillips) When I was a young girl like normal girls do I looked to a woman's love to help get me through I never needed any more than a feminine touch I hated the thought of kissing a man it"
  • Generation Spent - Charlie Winston
    "Looking out at the emptiness of faces Makes me wonder what a wonder world this is Is this another generation lost in the darkness ? Everybody is someone else's opinion I don' wanna be a victim of this"
  • How I spent my summer vacation - Ataris
    "got out of bed today I'm alive, what can I say? I'm really happy to be somewhere with someone who makes me happy. I took the bus downtown. all day long I walked around I looked at all the sights and thought"
  • How i spent my fall vacation - Bruce Cockburn
    "Sun went down looking like the eye of God behind icy mist and stark bare trees inside the dim empty cinema 2 guys in leather jackets glance at each other and shiver "they never built these places with"
  • Already Spent - Jeff Bates
    "I'm workin 40 hours and more if i can get it still need an extra job so i can get more credit well i work hard because we charged tommorrow yesterday i'm in debt way over my head the American way chorus it's"
  • God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You - 'N Sync
    "Can this be true? Tell me can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel? My life was complete I thought I was whole Why do I feel like I'm losing control? Never thought that love could feel like"

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