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  • Spot - Anna Oxa
    "(R.Callero - G.Belleno) Uomini solidi, sicuri in mezzo ai guai, macchine lucide, blue jeans pi sexy che mai. Lei sorride, tua discorsi non ne fa splende il sole fra le palme baby, it's alright!"
  • Spot Check - Lightyear
    "Spot Spot Check Spot Here we go, yeah Stop your negative ways (Ha ha ha) You've been crying now for days (Boo hoo hoo) Got to see the upside Got to start swimming against the tide I don't care For negative"
  • Listen Spot - Tammy Wynette
    "A conversation caught my ear I wish I hadn't heard My little boy said listen spot but don't you bark a word Daddy's got a girl friend but he can't let mommy know And night spot is when he's not here I"
  • The Spot - The Residents
    "A pox upon a chicken or a fight about a bear Would not be worse that what I've seen And what I have to wear It first appeared on my birthday Beneath an empty cocktail tray I scrubbed but found to my dismay A"
  • Sweet Spot - Linda Ronstadt
    "written by Emmylou Harris and Jill Cunniff Almo Music Corp/ Poodlebone Music/ EMI April Music Inc/ Grand Royale Music/ Luscious Jackson Music (ASCAP) Baby when you're down I'll be around Baby when you're"
  • Clear spot - Mark Lanegan
    "Had to run so far to find a clear spot Sun's all hottin' in the rotten hot Swamp's all rotten and stinkin', buh Vegetation's hot Sleepin' in the bayou in an old rotten cot Can't find my kind of folks havin'"
  • G-Spot - Prince
    ""F" is 4 frustration I'm looking 4 what isn't really there "I" is instigation I'm listening 2 the voice beneath my hair "N" is 4 the naked body And 4 what my naked eye can see CHORUS: G-spot, G-spot Where,"
  • Wet Spot - And One
    "This time it feels better Even masturbation rules Nobody is keeping in my pillow tidy Tendeness and innocence Wet spot is drying Drying to itself On important parts of my body I finally feels things For"
  • Weak Spot - Wu-Tang Clan
    "(kung fu sample) If only we can lay our hands on that vixen Yu Shin Hua Then all our problems will be over... Yu Shin Hua! You thought you'd find my weak spot, but still, you failed (RZA) The quintessence,"
  • Sweet Spot - Wild Beasts
    "The Sweetest Spot And it's gone, it's gone! Don’t make me suffer again Just to love me A final deep love Between the hurt and tender song Between the flash and the thunder stock There is a garden When"
  • Warm Spot - Cassandra Wilson
    "on my way on my way on my way on my way on my way back there again back to the warm spot in the middle of your soul I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there if I have my own way oh, I been"
  • Mystic Spot - Urban Mystic
    "Well, oh well, lady alright, listen Oh my God what a day should have heard what my mom had to say Never been one to play by the rules take off the shirt and tie and put on my dancing shoes ain't trying"
  • G Spot - Gerald Levert
    "Well here we are; just me and you Just you; just us and the bedroom Heres a robe; take off your clothes, hmmmmmm Take my hand the waters running baby in the bubble bath, candles everywhere Relax and unwind."
  • Hot Spot - Foxy Brown
    "Guess who's back! Uhh Yeah, uhh, uhh Aiyyo! Rhyme or crime, let's get it on MC's wanna eat me but it's Ramadan Peep what's on the arm, when it's ice it's ice When I'm right, I'm right, when you're"
  • Perfect Spot - Urma
    "It seems the perfect lose myself To feel again.... Would you feel my word? More than words can say... It seems the perfect room Defines my needs, my dreams Wold you feel my word? More"
  • Bright Spot - Bombshell Rocks
    "Sometimes I lose it I lose every bit of faith But just for a minute Till I see the light of a brand new day Someone tried to tell me You know, your problems don't exist Well, I'm sorry to dissapoint you But"
  • Blind Spot - Transmatic
    "Don't try and make this special I can't help but to bring you down But I know you'll find me out Just tell where we're going Cause if you think twice, well, then it makes it clear That I can't get by...waving"
  • G-Spot - Warren G
    "(feat. El DeBarge, Val Young) I'm the illest, what? I'm the illest, Warren G, uh yeah I'm the illest, the illest you've ever seen Haha check this shit out do' Peep game, look, hmm She used to tell"
  • Crack spot - Ghostface Killah
    "Aiyyo, make sure y'all turn that water downWhat y'all watchin over there?Is that the Honeymooner marathon?That shit been on all night right?AlrightI smell the coke cookin, Dr. Glove with the eagle in the"
  • Spot Rusherz - Raekwon
    "*sounds of the street, Wu-Tang St. Ide's commercial is in the background* (this is a best guess based on what's heard underneath Rae's conversation) Who's the Wallabe kid, dress down, could never be"

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