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Srbuk - Walking Out

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Srbuk - Walking Out

  • Walking Out - Srbuk
    "who are you what you really do when you have to fight the agony that’s aiming back at you who are you who you run to depend, defend, hope on can you function on your own are you from those who will swallow"
  • Walking out - Amy Studt
    "You say that you're leavingYou give me your reasonsI can tell by your voice thatyou're not alone, aloneIs she out in the hallwayAs you're taking your love awayHearing every word I sayTry to fight, find"
  • Walking - Kelly Family
    "I was walking one way Was walking the other day I was walking, I was walking I was walking the wrong way I was talking one way, bla bla bla Talking all day I was talking, I was talking I was talking the"
  • Walking - The Kelly Family
    "I was walking one way Was walking the other day I was walking, I was walking I was walking the wrong way I was talking one way, bla bla bla Talking all day I was talking, I was talking I was talking"
  • Walking - October Fall
    "She checks her watch It's just past four She's walking into the liquor store She's inside out And quick to dream With empty pockets she can barely breathe And she waits And she waits Doesn't"
  • Walking - The Dodos
    "You can fight the fire that's in your head Lay it down, the hour has come to end Walk around without her just for a bit Looking back upon the way things had been Man, I've been wasting so much time Walking"
  • Walking - Soul Asylum
    "The sun's creeping up and stomping on my dreams Works all right, party's fine, but sleeping is my scene The traffic inside your head is tearing you apart Stick your fingers down my throat and grab on to"
  • Walking - Jonatha Brooke
    "I am walking in your shoes For just a mile or two My heals are all torn But I will dig them in for you I feel the pain you've known And the seeds of hate you've sown They're scattered on the grownd and"
  • Walking - Adam Gregory
    "I go walkin' Down a long road tonight I go walkin' Not a single soul in sight The night air is so cool The moon shines so bright It's lonely out here But I'm feelin' alright I keep walkin' I keep"
  • Walking - Tindersticks
    "Wake up, it's all right You don't have the words, it's okay I make it worse, if I make it better I can chase it away And the emotion running and flapping Faster and faster, breathing hard Just for"
  • Walking - Ben Kenney
    "If I didn't have this anger I'd be everything your looking for I'll pretend it didn't kill me that my heart is laying on the floor It doesn't take a lot to cut me down to size It doesn't take that much"
  • Girl Out Walking - Neulander
    "Girl out walking, moons in the blue, making another stand. Girl out walking, swinging arms jingle by quickly followed by a fly. Girl out walking, short ones turn to look back. Look I stretch my arms"
  • She's Walking Out - The Stills
    "Dead of winter, desolate grey White and silver home Climb the staircase, spiderwalk Into my bed and bones Can I stand the pain Of all the things I've left behind Caught with butterflies We'll be regretting"
  • Walking Out Clean - Averi
    "It's the end of something. This is the end I never wanted. Can you feel yourself rotting? You're smoke and mirrors confirmed my fears that you're somebody else. Let's make this a lot easier. Talking only"
  • Walking Out Of Stride - About A Boy Soundtrack
    "About A Boy Soundtrack Miscellaneous Walking Out Of Stride Song: Badly Drawn Boy You and me could never hide To busy walking out of stride x2 Take 1 2 3 and 4 or 5 People talking keeps us alive You"
  • Walking Out On You - Samson
    "Walking out on you Walking out on you Easy Chairs, and an easy life That's what I want from you, Just one rich bitch, for an easy wife, Don't wanna do nothing new. Loving you, came so easily, When you"
  • I've Been Out Walking - Nina Nastasia
    "I've been out walking The soil damp from rain Made me think of you ben godson Your flowers and your hens I imagine we were talking In summer in the yard With this dreaming I kept walking Through the evenings"
  • I've Been Out Walking - Jackson Browne
    "This song appears on the album for everyman as "these days" with slightly different lyrics". I've been out walking I don't do too much talking these days These days These days I seem to"
  • Walking Disaster - Powerman 5000
    "(UH! Yeah) No door on the bathroom stall No water coming out of the wall No food and nothing to drink No peace and I can't even think I'm a walking disaster I'm a walking disaster I don't care but you"
  • Walking Town - Jackson Browne
    "One foot after the other One place pretty much like another Some folks got a pretty good deal Some are just looking for their next meal Out here where the days go by And the glances never meet the eye It's"

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