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St. Paul call me

  • St. Paul - The Rembrandts
    "St. Paul in the winter-Kids are crying for their dinner Quick smoke and a drink, then it's time for bed He said, "Why do you always seem so down? Is something lost that can't be found?" You wait, hesitate,"
  • Slippery St. Paul - Doobie Brothers
    "Down along the riverWhere the big bulrushes growYou find the old frog jumpin the waterHe won't come up no more, babeHe won't come up no more, babyHe won't come up no more, wooHe won't come up no more,"
  • Slippery St. Paul - The Doobie Brothers
    "Patrick Simmons / Tom Johnston Down along the river Where the big bulrushes grow You find the old frog jumpin the water He won't come up no more, babe He won't come up no more, baby He won't come up"
  • Paul - Bobby Bare
    "Well he rode through the woods on a big blue ox He had fists as hard as choppin' blocks Five hundred pounds and nine feet tall that's Paul Talk about working when he swung his ax you could hear it ring"
  • Paul - Xzibit
    "Operator: Check unheard messages: press 1,1. First message: Paul: Humph X its Paul. Uh, listen, the manager of the 'Crazy Horse' just called me and I didn't even know where the fuck you are. Iguess your"
  • The Bells Of St. Paul - Linda Eder
    "One Christmas in London December air red busses, snow angels, Trafalgar Square and now the 2 two of us are walking there remember how it used to be You never told me how to love you We never spoke of it"
  • Black Water (St. Paul Concert) - The Beu Sisters
    "Well, I built me a raft and she's ready for floatin'; ol' Mississippi, she's callin' my name. Catfish are jumpin', that paddle wheel thumpin', black water keeps rollin' on past just the same. Old"
  • Sean Paul - Sean Paul
    "*Intro* shake that thing miss kana kana, shake that thing yah annabella, shake that thing miss donna donna, jodi and rebecca *Verse 1* woman get busy just shake that booty nonstop when that beat drop just"
  • Saint Paul - We The Living
    "St. Paul Sister, sister Tell me, where are you running? To take some comfort with your family and friends? Tell me why it always feels like I'm running And why no place feels like home in the end Don't"
  • Paul (skit) - Eminem
    "H Em it's Paul uhm, listen, I just got a call from the label. And you're probably not gonna be surprised but uhm, Micheal Jackson is extremely upset about the Just Lose It video, and uhm, I mean he's pissed"
  • Prince Paul - Everlast
    "Hey yo, what up Everlast? This is Prince Paul, man. Yo, I ran into Trev on the street from Nasty and he said you're doing this dope Celtic rock album. So I was like, "yo, that's my style... That's what"
  • Just Paul Wall - Paul Wall
    "Paul Wall, I'm the People's Champ It ain't easy bein the People's Champ It's the new me, new me, new me, new me... True, a lot of struggles I done been through and still goin through Let me show you what"
  • Paul - Smoking Popes
    "With all the simple times behind me I can fail without regret If I have to try then I will never Be able to forget Bottoms down And out of reasons to hang around And when the sun is over Hong Kong I can"
  • Paul Overstreet (1989) - All The Fun
    "All The Fun Miscellaneous Paul Overstreet (1989) Well, this guys gotta work where they work real hard and they like to have a good time At the end of the day its a time to play and they like to go and"
  • St. Expedite - Grant Lee Phillips
    "Watching the clock over Jackson Square I could feel my life drifting away Losing my home like the muddy banks In eleven straight days of rain I want to call on the St. Expedite I better call on that St."
  • St. You - Constantines
    "sweet girl in the diamond cut dress she's the queen of the broken hearts I'm going to milk that posison tongue and go blind in the lovers' march who you calling on? who's callin' you? I'm soaked in kerosene this"
  • St. Louie - Nelly
    "Mmmmm you can find me in St. Louie Where the gun play ring all day (nanana) Some got jobs and some sell yay' Others just smoke and fuck all day I'm from the home of Red Fox, Ced the Entertainer Jettin"
  • St. Louie - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "(Chorus: repeat 2X) Mmmmm you can find me in St. Louie Where tha gun play rang all day(nanana) Some got jobs and some sell yea Others just smoke and fuck all day I'm from the home of Red Fox, Ced the"
  • St Gregory - The Twilight Singers
    "hey there, boy so good to see you again- i heard your woman left you- i heard you quit your band, how you on money? you still feeing that jones? man, you don't look like you used to my god, you look like"
  • St. Patrick's - Savatage
    "Hey there Lord it's me I wondered if you're free Or not asleep This just won't keep It seems I just don't see Why all the things we asked Or prayed would come to pass Have gone unheard Like silent words That"

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