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Stairs way to heaven


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Stairs way to heaven

  • Stairs - Weeping Willows
    "What will happen when I die Will I pay for all My crimes Because sometimes I did fail, although I tried to try Will You remember me this way or will the picture change It's too late to go back; oh it's"
  • Stairs - Arlo Guthrie
    "Every now and again when the world seems blue And all of the trials there disappear in you They say that there's a way to get across the bridge But I wouldn't be standing here upon this ridge If I thought"
  • Invisible Stairs - Rheostatics
    "Tim Vesely You're flying high, way up there. Now you're sitting on the top of the air. And you're falling, and you seem not to care, Down invisible stairs. Every up has its down, so they say. First a"
  • The Stairs - INXS
    "In a room above a busy street The echoes of a life The fragments and the accidents Separated by incidents Listen to by the walls We share the same spaces Repeated in the corridors Performing the same"
  • Starry Stairs - Okkervil River
    "They ask for more What do you think this fanclub is for? I slithered up each rose corridor I kept a warm safe place in my core Before I lost it They ask for blood What do you think this woman's made of? I"
  • Stairs - Vanilla Ninja
    "STAIRS It`s morning, I`m walking down your stairs which seem longer than they were last night My stomach stungs from good sex and climbing your stairs I know exactly what is waiting me outside The"
  • "Way To Heaven" - Aya Ueto
    "Fukinukeru kaze haru wo tsugeru Dakara aruki dasou wow wowow Machijuu ga hora umarekawaru Yokan ni afurete iru Kimi to negai kometa Osoroi no Pinkie ring Atarashii kisetsu ga Mune sawagaseru Way to heaven"
  • Stairs Of A Cathedral - Rad Kick
    "Stairs of a cathedral It's only one step to the breach He hitched her hands he hit her a blow She's helpless and her hate grows She hears the curfew - a sign of hope But they leave her call unheard Stairs"
  • Fell Down The Stairs - Tilly And The Wall
    "You fell down the stairs into my arms And swiftly ran the other way And I heard the steady swell of applause The two drunk kids, trying to figure out which way was home they got lost as they were taking"
  • Fighting On The Stairs - The Frames
    "I'm living out in the old house And fighting on the stairs And staring at the windows Breeze blowing through the years But if I don't get out of this town Then something is gonna break 'Cause I"
  • Death on the stairs - Libertines
    "From way far across the sea Came an .... Had a one track mind and eyes for me Half blinded in the war With a pale young Anglican Who said he'd help her all he can Showed her Jesus and his little un-holy"
  • Stairs: Uncertain Journey (Rozz , James) - Christian Death
    "Christian Death Only Theatre Of Pain Stairs: Uncertain Journey (Rozz , James) Lucifer Pereish I recall sin Lucifer Pereish I recall sin (chorus) Satan be Satan be this is the city of God this is the"
  • Ivory stairs - Angel City
    "Rumour has it that you got a well laid plan To make yourself a singularly self-made man Imported shirts from Yves St. Laurent You got everything that you want Catch you running to your candy colored Chevrolet"
  • Slippery Stairs - King Diamond
    ""Wake up Abigail", midday, Henry was at her door The Count would not rise 'til the afternoon and lunch was for two So they talked about Miriam and then Abigail said: "What about Little One?" Henry froze:"
  • The Stairs - Reba McEntire
    "(Pamela Brown/David Roberts) She looks at the clock, it's a quarter past nine. She hears his car as he pulls in the drive. Dinner's still waiting from hours before. She knows he's been drinking when he"
  • Empty Stairs - Saybia
    "Empty stairs in a worn out house That's where she stays where she hides out locked up safe she explores her pain until she leaves to explore the night that's all she knows it's a poisened rose it's all"
  • Ivory Stairs - Angels
    "(Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) When you wake up naked in the supermarket trying to wash the stains off your nicotine habit the sign on the wall reads " serve yourself" with no one there to cover you they try"
  • Better Way To Heaven - Colin James
    "Turned on and wide awake Dust it off as a lonely day We're gonna go where the bed's (band's?) got soul (c'mon) Just sing away all my pain Sweet honey 'thin my veins We're gonna twist and shout and forget"
  • All The Way To Heaven - Melissa Etheridge
    "I want to find me a car with only one headlight A straight six Ford on a good luck night I want to roll down the windows and teach you to fly I want to give you a thrill...The kind you can't buy I want"
  • On My Way To Heaven - The Waterboys
    "I'm on my way to Heaven - don't you want to go ? I'm on my way to Heaven - don't you want to go ? I'm on my way to Heaven - don't you want to go ? Yes, I want to go ! We've got the keys to the Kingdom"

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