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    "Stampede! Trap!"
  • Ride Stampede
    "Wondering outside Where do you go? With your eyes in sight Who do you see? You're in my life How do you feel? But you don't know me Where could you be? Where do you go? Who"
  • Chris LeDoux Stampede
    "We made camp along Red River Watched the cattle as they bedded down Back at the wagons, right after supper We spread our bedrolls on the ground And me and Willie, we took the night guard And the sage never"
  • Looptroop Musical stampede
    "ChorusWhatever I say over the beat it's a hit cus it's hot./ However I sound better believe that it's hip to the hop./ However you feel all my peops just lick off a shot./ Whatever you do Embee make sure"
  • Four Year Strong Vash: The Stampede
    "Will you, will you ever learn I haven't come to a conclusion yet Your Charm, Your history hasn't been A living hand We can lift up ourselves from this disaster I can learn by myself run any faster I can't"
  • Big Business Hands Up
    "Stampede! Stampede! Hands up Hands up Hands up like the people beside you (2X) Hands up Stampede! Stampede! Hands up Hands up Hands up like the people beside you Hands up She's got a fever, he's"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers Midnight Ravers
    "Can't tell the woman from the man, no I say you can't Cause they're dressed in the same pollution Their mind is confused with confusion With their problems since there's no solution They become the midnight"
  • Prefab Sprout Pearly Gates
    "Feel the sun upon your back Someone somewhere wants to steal it Pray each night you'll catch the thief But while you sleep he comes and takes it Does that make you think little girl ? Doesn't it just little"
  • Scott Walker Tilt
    "He was so strong he was so bold when they made him they broke the mold if he heads this way when the moon is slow Come over and pray they'll turn the buffalo they'll turn the buffalo There's a need to"
  • From Autumn To Ashes Everything I Need
    "I have everything I need Innocent victims they dont exist Who told you this Outfit the nation with a blindfold and a crucifix Infinite wisdom A bullet for the pacifist Improving methods to cripple the"
  • Blue Death valley nights
    "Bleached by the sunAnd scorched by the moonIf I make it til tomorrow noon Im leavingtween the horror of spaceAnd the terror of timeMy heart in crystal down the line Im screamingWhat I need is a kiss from"
  • Damian Marley "Jr. Gong" 10,000 Chariots
    ""Well all me don't love is the people weh fight 'gains't me. Me don't love them, but me enjoy them, because me can sit down and think of them and write music about them..." Jr. Gong Jr. Gong Jr. Gong Jr."
  • Bob Marley Midnight Ravers
    "Do-do-do. Do-do-do. Do-do-do. (You can't tell the woman from the man) No, I say you can't, 'cause they're dressed in the same pollution; (dressed in the same pollution) Their mind is confused with confusion With"
  • Ella Fitzgerald I Am In Love
    "I am dejected. I am depressed. Yet resurrected and sailing the crest. Why this elation, mixed with deflation? What explanation? I am in love. Such conflicting questions rise around in my brain: Should"
  • Night In Gales Intruder
    "javelins hither ! envenom my breast ! minstrels of pestilence intrude ! penetrate ! blacken the fount of chaosraves... a rapturous onslaught bastardblade stampede sparked daggers stabbing onward to"
  • Iggy Pop Private Hell
    "I have a private hell of excellent quality i've dwelt there for years playing with my tears it's tasteful, luxurious and full of sexuality And though there are tears I control them with my gears All in"
  • Night In Gales Feverfeast
    "of starthieves and blackfleshed bastards i tell about the day when warfed lilies fell to dare the dance on the nightblades to conquer and kill the skyslaves arbiter of feverfeasts, of whips and crystal"
  • At The Drive-In Rascuache
    "of fences with switches turn them on the moats of your homes poured salt on these slugs mugshot fatigue shimmering pacemaker pace yourself you were slowly clawing your way out tourniquet of gossip on"
  • Gordon Downie Steeplechase
    "There's a cruel crumpling sound from over yonder by the steeplechase It's a sound of coming down like horses slamming on The brakes it's the sound of a crowd, of an equine crowd Hin the vacuum of its age It's"
  • Bjork Earth Intruders
    "We are the earth intruders We are the earth intruders Muddy with twigs and branches Turmoil! Carnage! Here come the earth intruders We are the paratroopers Stampede of sharpshooters Come straight from"

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