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Star Driver - Eyes On You (HQ Preview)

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Star Driver - Eyes On You (HQ Preview)

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Star Driver - Eyes On You (HQ Preview)
  • Phish Driver
    "I'll tell you about the driver who lives inside my headStarts me up and stops me and puts me into bedHe opens up my mouth when its time for me to talkAnd fires up my legs when he wants me to walkKeeps"
  • Young Jeezy (Preview) Streets On Lock
    "verse 1 these niggas jus hatin they aint talkin bout shyt(shyt) ima grown azz man I flip my own bricks(eyy) I dont need yo help I can own my own dick(haha) aint no muthaf**ka help me write my rhymes(nope) aint"
  • Luckdown Preview Of Tomorrow
    "time is running out, an interest deluded. my memory, it fades. a falling star, a falling light. i can see just for this time. it's all clear now. (you're gone) like a sequel you'll return, half as good"
  • Juelz Santana Preview
    "- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold Guns, Sold Drugs (juelz)"
  • Diplomats Preview
    "(Juelz Santana)- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off (Hell Rell) So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold"
  • Paul Van Dyk New York City Preview
    "I watch the sky turn black to blush Head still spinning from the rush Of all the things I did the night before And looking down from my hotel These dawn-lit streets begin to fill With memories of you"
  • Van Morrison Saint Dominic's Preview
    "Shammy cleaning all the windows, Singing songs about Edith Piaf's soul. And I hear blue strains of "no regredior" Across the street from Cathedral Notre Dame. Meanwhile back in San Francisco We're trying"
  • Piledriver Pile Driver
    "I'm on the road, I'm on the run pile drivin' every day When I'm in town you'll scream and shout cause I'm gonna blow you away, yeah! Who Am I? you ask yourself I'm a dirty rotten son of a bitch! I just"
  • Tom Petty Night Driver
    "There's a shadow on the moon tonight I swear I see your face up there with the satellites Looking down from outer space Me, I'm drifting home again Headlights in my eyes Fighting sleep with windows down Worn"
  • James Taylor Limousine Driver
    "Limousine driver, big Cadillac car, rich and famous no matter who you are you are. I seen a rock n roll rider, I seen a cinema star. Won't you to roll down the road, roll down the road, roll down the,"
  • The Corries Sunday Driver
    "Well I've been a Sunday driver noo for many's a happy year And I've never had my Morris Minor oot o' second gear I can drive at fifty miles an hoor on motorway or track With me wife up front beside me"
  • Goldie Lookin Chain Delivery driver
    "Intro - you gonna, you gonna fukin order the curry then or what?Yeah, alright..pass me the phone clart.Y'wa...hang on mate..Whass,, say whats the fukin number, sonYew aah, switch yer fukin phone"
  • Nasum Preview Of Hell
    "(Music & lyrics: Anders Jakobson) The worlds collide and crash outside I feel the cold winds passing by I'm armed and ready, so ready for more This is my last note from the war We never knew We never"
  • Lenny Kravitz Mr Cab driver
    "Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to let me in Mr Cab Driver don't like my kind of skin Mr Cab Driver you're never gonna win Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to pick me up Mr Cab Driver I might need some help Mr"
  • Die Toten Hosen Runaway Train Driver
    "Rattling down the track on iron wheels, this is not an exercise, it's for real. I'm up here in the rushing wind, way down there. This town is just a traffic jam, you can't walk the streets or breathe the"
  • Jewel Race Car Driver
    "Come on baby, let's get in the car I'm gonna take you real, real far I'm gonna paint your mamma's face on the door You ain't gonna see her anymore Cuz I'm gonna be your race car driver "
  • Mystikal Big Truck Driver
    "(Mystikal) Whaaa, wassup nigga? This for my niggas in them Big Trucks This for all my niggas in them SUV's, you heard me? This for my Big Truck Drivers, look nigga blow yo' Big Truck Horn You still could"
  • Eddie From Ohio Number Six Driver
    "The good news out here on the highway Is the speed limit's just a suggestion But the bad news, alone on the highway Is I'm praying for some two-car congestion It's the path of least resistance I can measure"
  • Quindon Tarver Race car driver
    "Come On Baby, Let's Get in the CarI'm Gonna Take You Real, Real FarI'm Gonna Paint Your Mama's Face On the DoorYou Ain't Gonna See Her AnymoreWe'll Paint a Red Flamed Firebird On FrontI Will Be Evel Knievel,"
  • The Hollies Star
    "(Clarke / Sylvester / Hicks) I was jiving along in my big cadillac saw a thumb going up, I said Driver go back Played her a track from my latest LP Getting bad vibes she hadn't recognized me She said"

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