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Stay be mine

  • Be Mine - Ofenbach
    "Yeah, I want you to be mine Stay with me, look … Come on let’s go She want me to come You want me to go If you want to fight Let’s start the show Coz I want you to be me mine Stay with me, look … Come"
  • Be mine - The Kooks
    "I never thought we'd come this far But then how we come that far And I won't let them in Cause she's my lover and not my friend I'm so scared to lose you now So easy to lose you now Because there calling"
  • Be Mine - Kooks
    "I never thought we'd come this far But then how we come that far And I won't let them in Cause she's my lover and not my friend I'm so scared to lose you now So easy to lose you now Because there calling"
  • Be Mine - Jennifer Lopez
    "Looking at a coffee table book At a small cafe on Broadway Tryin' to find a way Out of all trouble and dismay Travelin' on a road unpaved Everywhere I look There is something there to remind me Of feelings"
  • Be Mine - Superior
    "Such a beautiful feeling Being by your side On a summer evening In the golden light Of the sun that's leaving And starts to hide From a starry night Hold me closely and make me stay Lay your heart down"
  • Be Mine - Lisa Stansfield
    "(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney) My sweet joy. It's the little things you do that make me love you, The way you touch my hair, The way you care, And when night-time comes around, I fall asleep with you, So"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan
    "Hey baby I like it when you're next to me With that body horizontally Your pretty legs comfortable in my bed In your lingerie with my pillow under your head And honey I like you cuz you trust in me Just"
  • Mine - Ace Hood
    "Hey Hey Hey All we do is get money Gotta hit the bank Man I'm running out of hundreds (Hey shawty hey hey hey hey shawty) I know she yours But she wanna be mine Mine mine mine mine Oh! She wanna be mine I"
  • Mine - Everything But The Girl
    "Blown in winds of mischance He would stay but that's not his way What escape for her she swims in the dark In too deep but still waves - "I'm okay And I don't need his name, thank you Mine fits me nicely"
  • Stay - Bernard Butler
    "These days are wastin' away The kind I'd rather save Don't go, stay... Don't go, stay... I, I hope it don't rain The sky is laughing again Don't go, stay... this time Don't go, just stay... this time I"
  • Stay - Wendy And Lisa
    "A long time ago Can you see the lightning coming? I saw your face Free the child I fell in love From pain and suffering A fatal mistake I still don't know If you're afraid But, it's you I can't shake Don't"
  • Stay - Bonnie Tyler
    "Oh I know - You've been fooling with my heart Cause deep inside - You don't know where to start So insecure - Of what tomorrow will Oh please be sure - You're my all and everything You've heard it all"
  • Stay - EMMI
    "When the morning has come And the light is still young Lay with me so peacefully Stay with me and you will see How beautiful As we come one with the morning So magical As we embrace with the light Stay Oh,"
  • Stay - Jodeci
    "Don't talk Just listen First of all I have to be honest with you baby I lied When i told you i never wanted to see you again Can you please stay Just for tonight And maybe we can do something Like make"
  • Stay - The Temptations
    "Ooh:ooh:mmm:mmm:yeah:hey: On, no Na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah:ah:ah:yeah:yeah: Just to feel your body, your sensual desire You know my heart goes crazy when your tender lips touch mine Let's explore our"
  • Stay - Bosson
    "We'll be rockin' till the morning after If you stay one more night with me Just stay one more night with me If you stay one more night with me We'll be rockin' till the morning after Your body's"
  • Stay - Sugarland
    "I've been sittin' here stairin' at the clock on the wall And I've been layin' here prayin' Prayin' she won't call It's just another call from home and you'll get it and be gone and I'll be cryin' And"
  • Stay - Danny Saucedo
    "Can you hear my call I have tried for so long But you've been on the run Here I'm left to figure out Why you're not around In this empty place of mine 'Cause all you ever gave Was a momentary love I can't"
  • Stay - Giant
    "Gone, the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong Girl, we tried so hard when love was on our side And yesterday will always be the reason why You keep"
  • Stay mine - Incognito
    "There were moments in my pastI couldn't tell right from wrongGetting lost along the way in places I did not belongI couldn't see a way to turn myself aroundso deep my confusionUntil the day you woke up"

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