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Steel banging - rollerz only

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Steel banging - rollerz only

  • Steel - Bob Catley
    "Sometimes these tired old streets can feel strange I watch the tumbleweed now, where I used to play What I felt way back then was called 'change' Just like a thundercloud from the horizon it came And"
  • Banging on the door - Simple Minds
    "You know that it hurts These things that you say But I'll be alright Don't lose your faith Just swallow your pride tonight God only knows this place is strange Banging on the door again Banging on the"
  • Banging up the block - Kanye West
    "I'm still swanging in a dropSlow Loud-Slow Loud, Bangin' up the blockEither way it go, I know I can't stopCause I gotta let em know, where I come from (H-Town) Representer from Hiram-Clarke, your body"
  • Steel Against Steel - Cryonic Temple
    "The night begins with an awful sound the screams of pain in the night You are the one the only one to make up this fight Standing there in the rain Fighting, you are alone You try to grab your sword"
  • Shipping Steel - Cold Chisel
    "Hammer down the open road Steel pigs my only load Country songs are always playin' He's a goin', she's a staying Briquets keep the fires burning Diesel keeps the wheels turning Hikers on the edge of town Start"
  • Steel Breath - Centurion
    "Steel lighting rides roman skies Rolling blades run into the light Fire eater crawls from the dark Let shining begins! Can you see around us the steel breath of Destroyer It could wither you with only"
  • Freezing Steel - Cat Stevens
    "I've flown the house of freezing, the house of freezing steel And though my body's back I know it can't be real 'Cause I've been on that house without a guiding wheel The house of freezing steel Oh where's"
  • Steel Claw - Tina Turner
  • Steel Trust - Laibach
    "Lonely days Eternal nights Sweet words of youth In paradise Where only emptiness Remains the same I love you more and more in pain Quiet dreams In golden cage Were sent to us From different age To tell"
  • Banging Camp - The Hold Steady
    "Holly wore a string around her finger. she said it helps her to remember all the nites that we got over. besides, it ties her outfit all together. holly wore a string around her finger. there are strings"
  • Banging Heads - Editors
    "Why d'you keep a lock on the door? These people bang their heads like the law Why d'you keep a lock on the door? Do you even know? You let out a laugh, Like a child, Now go find yourself a place to stay"
  • Iron, Steel, Metal - Children Of Bodom
    "Gods of thunder, lightning, and rain Lustful succubuses of death and pain Are gathered tonight up in the steel sky Down on the field of battle stand Warriors draped in leather with iron swords in hand Ready"
  • Blue Steel Dues - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson & Andrew "Duck" MacDonald) Stripped of my pride at the age of twenty-one Lived my life with a knife and a gun Fought really hard for all I had Only to lose it to the man Yeah, lost it"
  • Gladiators Of Steel - Wizard
    "Metal rules the world Metal is a force It's more than a style It's our life Come in our arms Brothers and sisters of steel Stand together with us Your sword will prevail It doesn't matter what you wear It"
  • Heart Of Steel - Lykke Li
    "Oh heart of steel, don't kill the song That sings so we, can heal the harm inside Don't leave me stranded, don't leave me alone Don't me leave me dying, without a lover to hold Oh my heart, don't break"
  • The Steel Finger - Angerfist
    "Finally the time has come Oh yeah Finally He's been training a young guy as his only killer Together they're very strong (x2) Finally Adoptation and provocation But your weakness is not your technique Come"
  • Templars Of Steel - Hammerfall
    "The hands of time have brought you here to make a change, to break down the walls You are the ones and you are the only trying to live by your own goals And you all cry for freedom Raise your fists to"
  • Heart of Steel - Ross the Boss
    "Build a fire A thousands miles away To light my long way home I ride a comet My trail is long to stay Silence is a heavy stone I fight the world And take all they can give There are times my heart hangs"
  • Tons of steel - Grateful Dead
    "I know these rails we're on like I know my lady's smile,We see a dozen dreams in every passing mile.Can't begin to count the trips she and I have made,But I wish I had a dollar for each time we've both"
  • Heart Of Steel - At Vance
    "shadows so pale in the heat of the night fading to grey cause they're scared by the light shootin their arrows with the wings of pain restless unkind but they keep on fightin in vain tryin to be who"

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