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Steely Dan Blues Beach

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Steely Dan Blues Beach

  • The Steely Dan Show - Steely Dan
    "Boys and Girls They come from all around From dear old Stockholm To Copenhagen town Forget their troubles In tasty riddum n' rime So here you are And now it's party time Wrap your mind Around this sound And"
  • Blues Beach - Steely Dan
    "I was scrapin' bottom Gropin' in the dark It takes a crusty punk to really beat The mean streets of Medicine Park So I shifted left for out of town Then I clicked my heels and I doubled down to Blues"
  • Beach Boy Blues - Elvis Presley
    "(Sid Tepper - Roy Bennett) I'm a poor Hawaiian beach boy A long way from the beach 'Cause someone shoved his face against my hand Now I'm a kissing cousin to a ripe pineapple I'm in the can I was minding"
  • Deacon Blues - Steely Dan
    "This is the day Of the expanding man That shape is my shade There where I used to stand It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass At ramblers Wild gamblers That's all in the past You call"
  • Tar Beach - Limahl
    "Living in the city can be tough on you Got to get away once in a while Hope I'll see you when the day is through Ready for a change of style So in the heat don't be shy Use your imagination Now it's complete Sunshine"
  • Beach balls - Pezz
    "Do it againShe said to meSo I nailed my hand to the baseboard floorHystericallyLaughing at meShe begged the question and I begged for moreNow I waterThe thorn you rammedDeep into my side watch it fertalizeYou"
  • Beach Balls - Billy Talent
    ""Do it again" She said to me. So I nailed my hand to the baseboard floor. Hysterically, Laughing at me, She begged the question and I begged for more. Now I water, The thorn you rammed, Deep into my side"
  • Beach Angel - News
    "CO-I-GO-CO-RO afureteru yo Jounetsu tomaranai itsuka yume ni mita kimi ni Shiroi nami to hashaideru tenshi no youni Aoi sora wo oikakete umibe wo hashiru Uresugita kajitsu furi sosogu egao Yaketa hada"
  • River Dam Blues - Washboard Sam
    "I've been rollin' and ramblin' Mama, ever since you been gone I've been rollin' and ramblin' Ever since you been gone Lord, I can't be satisfied And can't even stay at home Baby, you's a long time comin' But"
  • On The Dunes - Steely Dan
    "Drive along the sea Far from the city's twitch and smoke To a misty beach That's where my life became a joke On the dunes On the dunes (became a joke on the dunes) Where rents are high And seabirds cry On"
  • F.M. - Steely Dan
    "Worry the bottle, mama It's grapefruit wine Kick off your high heel sneakers It's party time The girls don't seem to care what's on As long as it plays till dawn Nothin' but blues and elvis And somebody"
  • The Last Mall - Steely Dan
    "Attention all shoppers It's Cancellation Day Yes the Big Adios Is just a few hours away It's last call To do your shopping At the Last Mall You'll need the tools for survival And the medicine for the"
  • The Goodbye Look - Steely Dan
    "The surf was easy on the day I came to stay On this quiet island in the bay I remember a line of women all in white The laughter and the steel bands at night Now the americans are gone exept for two The"
  • Josie - Steely Dan
    "We're gonna break out the hats and hooters When Josie comes home We're gonna rev up the motor scooters When Josie comes home to stay We're gonna park in the street Sleep on the beach and make it Throw"
  • Daj - Breakout
    "W spadku ci daję W spadku ci daję mojej drogi kres Jeśli chcesz, spróbuj iść od nowa Rzekł do mnie ojciec dnia pewnego tak Zostawiam ci też próg Próg, na którym siada nocą blues W spadku ci daję W spadku"
  • Summertime Blues - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Surfin' Safari Summertime Blues I'm gonna raise a fuss, i'm gonna raise a holler About a workin' all summer just to try to earn a dollar Every time i call my baby, and ask to get a date My boss"
  • Beauty On The Beach - Hugh Cornwell
    "She emerges like Ursula from Dr. No Me I'm her James I'm the double O We have an understanding We fly together and avoid crashlanding There's only one day left in paradise But it takes two days to acclimatize The"
  • Bear On The Beach - A-Camp
    "Iris in the morning rain sitting in a sea It's hard to tell the blues apart, she's salty just like me She thinks she's on an island or she wishes that she were She thinks she hears the sirens but I think"
  • Beach - Underworld
    "Some are winners some are losers and some are fighters till the day they die some try to make a living some others always give in many are stopped before they get to try and many others are forced to leave"
  • Beach - Ray Wilson
    "Let's all go down to the beach Breathe in the air, take in the sun Lie there trying not to notice What goes on around you Buried and unseen I know it wasn?t done on purpose It rests beneath the surface"

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