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  • Bahnhof - Whitehouse
    "You partial to punk crumpet? You like it willing and thick and tabloid And with the shelf life of milk You like to unload on threadbare tits? Drink too much fucking red bull Sweat too many microwave chips You"
  • Nobody Knew Her - Nina Nastasia
    "Bradley comes home from school He looks happier today than any other day He won't go out with me I don't care if i never see his face Sometimes i wanna get out of here Everyone's talking about you Behind"
  • Fooled me once - Greg Brown
    "My Mama died when I was sixteenShe was shitfaced behind the wheelThey made me go to the graveyardI would not pray or kneelI don't pray to no god who takes your Mamaand leaves you in a house full of junkwith"
  • The Story Of Beauty - Destiny's Child
    "Please dry your eyes, young girl Don't cry, you're beautiful It's not your fault, young girl Don't cry, you're beautiful You're not the one to blame Soon it will be okay One day you'll realize Your beauty It"
  • 12 26 - Kimya Dawson
    "one of her babies is rotting in the sun and the other one was found drowned in the ocean her mom and dad are in their van crushed and bloated and her husband was thrown from his fishing boat so please"
  • Jump Biatch - Proof
    "(Proof) What's up it's glad to meet you, you say yo' daddy beat you? Pour out your heart, before you start let me grab some tissue Okay, here you go, now let it go (I wanna DIE!) Listen here pathetic ho Want"
  • Runaway love - Mary J. Blige
    "Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Runaway love Now little lisa is only 9 years old Shes tryin to figure out why the world is so cold Why shes"
  • Step Daddy - Hitman Sammy Sam
    "This for da stepdaddies here Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy HEY!!! Can't come ova tonite! Say:"
  • Point Blank - Point Blank
    "I hate the whole fucking world so the world better hate me I bust in your house and kill your whole fucking family I get so much pussy I think fucking is boring Took 10 mothafuckas to the grave up north They"
  • Live My Life - Murs
    "(33 second intro) {*Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"*} (Murs) Born March '78, Feco and Carmone the Mid-City L.A. Okay Liquor was on the corner Basically raised on rap, found ways to adapt to"

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