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Steve Gunn

  • Peter Gunn - Saliva
    "You know I put it in drive Cause it makes me feel alive The situation's awry And goin' faster, And now I'm hunting you down Injecting fear from the sound And with my mayhem abound I am your master! Come"
  • Steve - Sicko
    "if I had a dog his name would be Steve and at the end of the day he'd be waiting for me and he would listen and I would teach and at the end of two years he would learn how to speak he'd say Ean can"
  • Steve - Rilo Kiley
    "My mom has this boyfriend his name is Steve I want him so very much to die But he wont - he stands strong, he stays all day long and he fucks my mom even when she cries and i want him very much to die and"
  • Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn - Marilyn Manson
    "Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn (?)I can't here you...why are you(?) Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn You spoonfed us saturday morning mouthfuls of maggots and lies Disguised"
  • Clean Steve - Hitchcock Robyn
    "man next door came round one night to ask me for a drink i said i didn't anymore he said, 'that's what you think' a tendril curled around his leg as he got up to leave he said, 'a friend of yours was here but"
  • Clean Steve - Robyn Hitchcock
    "Man next door came round one night to ask me for a drink i said i didn't anymore he said, 'that's what you think' a tendril curled around his leg as he got up to leave he said, 'a friend of yours was here"
  • Steve McQueen - Drive-By Truckers
    "Steve McQueen Steve McQueen When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be Steve McQueen Steve McQueen The coolest doggone motherscratcher on the silver screen I'd drive real fast everywhere no one"
  • Steve Earle - Sugarland
    "One more! Well I heard Steve Earle had lots of wives, About as many as cats have lives. Met him on his records and we're good friends. He writes a song for everyone. They fall in love and before it's done, He"
  • Steve polychronopolous - Adam Sandler
    "I'm a big fuckin' dick I'm a pain in your ass I drink all your beer I'll eat the last slice I'll give you charley horses I'll pull your shorts down at the beach I always need a ride Nobody likes me My"
  • Steve Berman - D-12
    "hey steve, vanessa said you waned to see me marshall, I can call you marshall right? uhh, sure good, sit the f**k down for a second okay do you just f**kin hate me? hate you? what the f**k have"
  • Steve Willoughby - Vic Chesnutt
    "Someday I'm gonna be richsomeday I'm gonna be bona fidesomeday I'm gonna bejust like Steve Willoughbybut today I'm simply I'm simply terrifiedI'm terrifiedSomeday I'm gonna be brightsomeday I'm gonna be"
  • Steve Berman - Eminem
    "EM: Heey! SB: Hey Em, what's up? EM: Steve Berman, what's goin on man, How you doing? Good to see you again! What up? SB: Em, could you come in here and have a seat please um.. EM: Yeah SB: Vanessa, shut"
  • Steve biko - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Linden Boulevard represent, represent Tribe Called Quest represent, represent When the mic is in my hand, I'm never hesitant My favourite jam back in the day was Eric B. for President Rude boy composer"
  • Super Steve - Machinae Supremacy
    "I only act and speak as I feel Their world so enigmatic and unreal We've got some freak potential but that's just great it makes us who we are, molding our mental state it feels so fragile our"
  • Steve Mccroski - Gomez
    "Since I was a child I was chased like a demon out of townGonna see the child of a leg, leg, legless houndAnd I am gonna follow you aroundAnd I am gonna follow you aroundYeah, I..I'm eagerly adopted by"
  • Steve McQueen - M83
    "I woke up stronger than ever Driven by big waves of fire To run and yell all the way Nothing can hurt me today There's a magic inside Just waiting to burst out The world is a goldmine That will melt tomorrow I"
  • Goodbye Stevie - Steve Winwood
    "Well I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here You know I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here And I even gonna worry Ain't even gonna shed a tear Well I went to see my baby Pulled the blind"
  • Dreamsville (From The NBC Production Peter Gunn) - Andy Williams
    "I'm in dreamsville, holding you I'm dreaming you, just we two alone In love in dreamsville, time is new We're here to love and we do We can see the rest of the world Below us from our pink cloud There's"
  • Steve Forbert's Moon River - Steve Forbert
    "INTRO. Roll your rain Roll your rain Roll your rain down VERSE Well, help me peel the frown off my face . . . chit-chat-chat I need a little faith an' that's what I'm after Diamonds on a band in your"
  • Steve Was Dead - Buck-O-Nine
    "it's 12 o'clock and i'm picking up a phone call dan said, is steve there? cause no one else can find him he said he'd heard that steve was in a car crash the word was out that steve was dead in a"

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