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Steve Hackett Circus Of Becoming

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Steve Hackett Circus Of Becoming

  • Circus Of Becoming - Steve Hackett
    "As the roaring day towards The night forms Look at us like a double decker bus Climbing to the top of St. Paul's To watch the storms Stand clear of the doors there's Handel in the Strand You'll find a"
  • Circus - Psycore
    "behind every door there's a question and just around the corner there's a hole in the ground that someone forgot to fix but i'm still alive still alive, still trying to sell my soul for a ticket to the"
  • Becoming - Pantera
    "A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory Of shame birthed its gift. No more. The small one, the weak one, the frightened one. Running from beatings, deflating. I'm becoming more Than a man."
  • Becoming - Tree63
    "Does anybody feel a change coming? Does anybody feel like up and running? Does anybody here want to volunteer To break through into a new atmosphere? CHORUS Here we go, here we go Were becoming the One"
  • Becoming - Christine Dente
    "These are my sidewalks They wounds around the neighborhood Always led me straight and safely home But now they're uneven 'Cause roots move beneath them And time won't leave well enough alone And I had"
  • Becoming - Jewel
    "Listen, heart Listen close-listen 2 the melancholy Melody of your own voice I am weary of my own dreaming I am tired of waiting So this time, I'm leaping I reach-beyond myself 2 see What I find, beyond"
  • Becoming - Quindon Tarver
    "Listen, HeartListen Close-listen2 the MelancholyMelody of Your Own VoiceI Am Weary of My Own DreamingI Am Tired of WaitingSo This Time, I'm Leaping I Reach-beyond Myself 2 SeeWhat I Find, Beyond My Mind,"
  • Becoming - Milky Chance
    "Only jealousy is blind But there's a light that brings me back It takes me to the right horizon Takes me where i want to be Blood is running down the river I feel like fond of destruction Is destiny"
  • Steve - Sicko
    "if I had a dog his name would be Steve and at the end of the day he'd be waiting for me and he would listen and I would teach and at the end of two years he would learn how to speak he'd say Ean can"
  • Circus - Brotherhood Of Man
    "When I was a little child I loved it when the circus came to my town gathered in this great arena all my fav'rites once a year in my town. But my fav'rite of them all are the famous flying demons hear"
  • Circus - Spirit Of The West
    "(Kelly/Mann) There was writing on the walls Looked like "Circus" there for me We were smoking Karl Marx With the junkies in the park I watched the barmaid keeping track By marking X's on our mats And this"
  • Circus - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Smotherman / Walker) I went to the circus To waste some time The barker was yelling what's on So I laid up my money And I waited in line The circus was just like home The crowd had gathered So I walked"
  • Circus Of Death - Project Pitchfork
    ""In just a few moments we're off to Hawaii to join Steve McGarrett and the team for tonight's adventure." Nine o'clock flight from Hawaii The Trident is just touching down We're waiting here on the tarmac McGarrett"
  • Circus Of Death - The Human League
    "Spoken Intro :Why in just a few moments we're off to Hawaii to join Steve McGarrett and the team for tonight's adventure Nine o'clock flight from Hawaii The Trident is just touching down We're waiting"
  • Circus - Eric Clapton
    "(Eric Clapton) Little man with his eyes on fire And his smile so bright. In his hands are the toys you gave To fill his heart with delight. And in the ring stands a circus clown Holding up a knife. What"
  • Circus - Britney Spears
    "Theres only two types of people in the world The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe Well baby Im a put-on-a-show kinda girl Dont like the backseat, gotta be first (oh, oh) Im like the ringleader"
  • Circus - Kelis
    "Come join our circus where we all wear masks Lying while our fans are expected to last Could it be that the jig is on us? Masquerading like we are the one Can you blame us? It started as fun Didn't know"
  • Circus - Stina Nordenstam
    "Tomorrow I will stretch out Like an acrobat And make my way to What's there I will get dressed Again, in spite of all With a laziness Of a circus Before or after the performance As I'm walking down the"
  • Circus - Craig Cardiff
    "How did you sneak in I thought all the doors had been closed But now that you're here I don't think I can stand to see you go And I am only I am only I am only I And you are only you We are only we For"
  • Circus - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "If I look like home to you, if I am your sign Don't try to understand it, baby, when I draw the line It hasn't come to this that you can say I waste my time Looking everywhere, going nowhere For the skies"

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