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Steven Wilson Track One from Grace for Drowning

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Steven Wilson Track One from Grace for Drowning

  • Steven - Voxtrot
    "Steven, I love you I can't grow passed you, I'm homesick in spite of the place, That I fostered and styled and raised this child, Keeps me in pitch and in pace But I miss reaching for the lasers, The"
  • Drowning - Hocico
    "Inside everybody fights Inside everybody burns The time hangs from the ceiling Inside everybody drowns Inside no one ever feels Inside no one ever knows The ice melts while we call out Inside no one ever"
  • Drowning - Jesus On Extasy
    "Everything perfect in this world Vanishes in just one moment We can try to hold it But it runs through our hands All the beauty in this world Slowly runs and fades away We can try to keep young But"
    "You tried to lie, I can see that you don't need me (Need me don't need me, need me don't need me) All of your words, they have been cursed with dishonesty (With dishonesty, with dishonesty) Take it from"
  • Drowning - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Trouble with the world is we're too busy to think about it, all right Why is there a rebel flag hanging from the state house walls? Tired of hearin' this shit about heritage not hate Time to make the"
  • Grace - Warren Barfield
    "Sarah traded her laughter for guilt There's no hope left in her eyes And the sentence for the wrong she's done Is a lonely life And we ask what has she done As if that could make it ok It's amazing what"
  • Grace - Rag'n'Bone Man
    "Said I love you without hesitation So easy for you to break my foolish heart So I wonder if you ever speak my name Will I always be defined by my mistake? In the arms of the Saint I’m a stranger We’re"
  • Grace - Will Young
    "Feeling so strange I'm seeing you clearly now Your beauty's deadlier everyday All these people am I the only one Who found you out Is no one willing to say, willing to say, willing to say Why don't you"
  • Drowning - Crazy Town
    "Everything is so complexEveryday is like a test full of opsticals That almost seem impossibleAnd Im thinking just another breath not a minute left.How long have I been drinking?Pass the glass pint hit"
  • Drowning - Sunset Black
    "Tell me what's your destination Do you speak the truth like me Tell me what's your destination Do you want to live for free I'm drowning in circles I Feel everything I'm drowning in circles I Alone And"
  • Drowning - Ak 1200
    "stay with me just for the day and let your soul come and rest for a minute now share your mind, if you have some time i would love to sit and talk to you. i would wait, if you asked me to, but i, wont"
  • Drowning - CrazyTown
    "Everything is so complex Everyday is like a test For the obstacles that seem most impossible And I'm thinking, just another breath. Not a minute left, how long have I been drifting!. Pass the glass pipe,"
  • Drowning - Rufio
    "How do they know what is love what is real? Do they feel anything when they step to the edge? And look down to the rocks that they'll met If they fall from their ground See how they walk unaware of the"
  • Drowning - Six Feet Under
    "Pulled down to the depths I feel that I am going under Swept away I struggle now Gasping for my last breath Choking me - I can not breathe Liquid vision, all I see Drifting - no sign of life Floating dead The"
  • Drowning - Missy Higgins
    "Maybe I'm just living out the same old stories in and out But you know that don't make it easier Time will fly away with me if truth won't stop and let me see And tell me I am to believe that you and"
  • Drowning - Jack Johnson
    "Drink the water drink it down This time I know I'm bound To spit it back up I didn't want this Salty substitute, just not going to do I need some air, if I'm going to live through This experience reminds"
  • Drowning - Debeli Precjednik
    "i won't promise better days tomorrow is staring at your face and it doesn't look good it's painted black i think it's worth a struggle to hold on though everything fails from now on ...i just hope that"
  • Regarding Steven - Blues Traveler
    "Well I've guessed your name and I'm sure you know mine I'd like to discuss our mutual friend I can't help but feel that I left him behind Does he still stay with you or did his pain ever end I guess I"
  • Fallen From Grace - Heart
    "I pray for the love That's fallen from grace The tears left behind Won't wash from my face I'm left with all these feelings But nothing fills the space Of the love that once was That's fallen from grace Every"
  • Fall From Grace - All Out War
    "With the concept of life there was no hate, there was no sin, created by man, it's bred insde of him, humanity the chosen ones, never ever meant to fall, but tempted by greed, quest for power corrupts"

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