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Stevie Stone - Momentum

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Stevie Stone - Momentum

  • Momentum - Monika Urlik
    "I am on the right track I am never looking back nothing can slow me down I gonna break new ground somewhere I have never been something I have never seen I’m running from the noise don’t wanna lose"
  • Love at Your Momentum - No Address
    "Katie's just a little girl who always, never, talk laugh listen. She just wants me to wait here for a while. But since I really don't like waiting and since I think it doesn't matter: Katie you can see"
  • Momentum - Aimee Mann
    "Oh, for the sake of momentum I've allowed my fears to get larger than life And it's brought me to my current agendum Whereupon I deny fulfillment has yet to arrive And I know life is getting shorter I"
  • Momentum - Audio
    "Audio Sonar Momentum momentum respeite meu silncio meu rosto sem sorrir inexplicvel, derrepente j no mais aqui incerto, imperfeito angstia ou prazer? esquea agora só o tempo poder dizer entenda este momento meu"
  • Momentum - Tobymac
    "Somebody said you better let go 'Cause they said so But I could never let this thing go Don't they even know what that means They call me obscene Say I wear my faith on my sleeve But I ain't here to seek"
  • Momentum - The Hush Sound
    "You are the dark ocean bottom And I am the fast sinking anchor Should I fall for you You are the scar on my tissue That I show all of my new friends Should I show you me All we need is a little bit of"
  • Momentum - Project Pitchfork
    "These words are like paperships On the river of your attention Sent to reach your ocean And sink into its depths Its water may help to unfold them And its salt may wash their letters Into the very meaning Of"
  • Momentum - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Kimi wo aishita hibi wa boku no saigo no kisekiDare mo ga mina hito koi shikunaru kisetsu gaKotoshi mo mata atatakasa to tsumetasa woTsurete yatte kitaOsasugita bokura ga mada nani mo shirazuWarai atte"
  • Momentum - Alimee Mann
    "Verse 1:Oh, for the sake of momentumI've allowed my fears to get larger than lifeAnd it's brought me to my current agendumWhereupon I deny fulfillment has yet to arriveChorus:And I know life is getting"
  • Momentum - Vienna Teng
    "Why am I walking barefoot Upon this road with no one around I close my eyes to this decision The night's like coffee to my tongue Like waking up without a sound I map the words out Maybe you will say them Would"
  • Momentum - Diary Of Dreams
    "Abandoned in exile A veil to conceal What on earth could be worse than not to know what you feel A piece of me still holding on to what is lost and gone You know every liar will burn in my fire and still"
  • Momentum - Modern Life Is War
    "Down the old staircase I'm walking out the door I feel lost here tonight Everything has changed Since that summer before Stumbling forward I'm glancing back There's no one in the window begging me to"
  • Stevie - Britny Fox
    "D. Davidson, B. Childs You might have seen this girl, did you catch her name Has she played the town, watch your step cause she's been around. She was once my queen, my love, prize and dream. She left"
  • STEVIE - Kasabian
    "Stevie, where you going with that gun Who you wanna shoot down Who you tryinna kill 'Cos you've been watching too much TV It's playing with your memory It's tryinna break your heart Just calm down, take"
  • Stevie - Spiderbait
    "1, 2, 3, 4 You're my honeybee I like you and you like me It's easy can't you see So won't you get up and dance with me Yes I'll be waiting there for you Yes I'll just be waiting there for you Downtown"
  • Hell Yeah (Steve Austin Theme) - Snoop Dogg
    "Yeah, ha ha, Snoop Dogg Dub C.. heh, yeah All up in here, bay-bay.. yeah Uh-huh Straight G thang, yeah Code of the night is droppin these thangs on your dome Hittin up my enemies, mad doggin"
  • Oh Stevie - Zucchero
    "(Zucchero - Cheope) Oh Stevie Canti come un Dio Tu canti il tuo dolore Pero soffro pure io Che vivo in Italy Voglio andare via da qui Via da questo imbroglio Preferisco via da qui Solo su uno scoglio Quanta"
  • Goodbye Stevie - Steve Winwood
    "Well I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here You know I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here And I even gonna worry Ain't even gonna shed a tear Well I went to see my baby Pulled the blind"
  • Stevie Nix - The Hold Steady
    "you came into the party with a long black shawl. and the guys from the front lawn were making jokes about the white swan. some nites we just need to get touched and rub right up against something plush."
  • Stevie Smith - Vic Chesnutt
    "Nobody heard him the dead man,but still he lay moaning:i was much further out than you thoughtand not waving but drowningPoor chap he always loved larkingand now he's deadit must have been too cold for"

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