Still got the fore when you try -

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Still got the fore when you try

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Still got the fore when you try

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Still got the fore when you try
  • The Roots Act Fore... The End?
    "(Black Thought) Yeah yeah yeah, yes I, no doubt yes I (P-5-D) Check it out, yo yo Areegato, to all my people in Japan Whether you rockin Cartier or Pierre Cardan I'm barging in like excuse, I beg your"
  • The Roots Act fore the end
    "Yeah yeah yeah, yes I, no doubt yes I (P-5-D) Check it out, yo yo Areegato, to all my people in Japan Whether you rockin Cartier or Pierre Cardan I'm barging in like excuse, I beg your pardon To crush"
  • Clay Walker Fore She Was Mama
    "Bout ten years old, hide and seekI found me in the closetReady or not I stumbled onAnd opened up that box ofYearbooks, letters, black and whitesA hundred, maybe moreNext thing I know my brothers and meGot"
  • Dear And The Headlights Try
    "Straighten up my shoulders for my mother and mirrors The overcompensation of a posture I'm dying to know Feeling like a kid selling ten dollar chocolates Reciting all my rehearsed lines to your closing"
  • Full Blown Chaos Fore Warned
    "No longer blinded As I rise from the shadows of hate My vision has been released Your suffering won't go unanswered I - Prophet of hostility Witnessed the second coming Fate turns black through my veins I"
  • John Newman Try
    "Working so hard, I was so alone So much on my cards, So much going on And lately I've found I'm heading astray And none of your feelings came in to play I'll make you stronger, stronger Cause now I can"
  • Pennywise Try
    "You've been looking for me in the most obvious places Still I'm nowhere to be found I'm perched atop the highest buildings in the city And I'm inrigued as I look down All the ants below share the same"
  • Sweatshop Union Try
    "Try Hard as ya' can To understand This runnin' in circles Got me wonderin' I- I- I don't know why We pay it any mind Baby I'm blind How would we know If we don't even Try... Ever since the ninth"
  • Blue Rodeo Try
    "Lead Vocal by Jim Don't tell me I'm wrong, 'Cause I've been watching every move that you make. Hearts you steal, in your make up and heels Trouble for the man that you date. Every time you walk in the"
  • ALO Try
    "Things she said been making them feel afraid That they're gonna be let down But if they knew what she were capable of I know they'd want her around That's why she gotta give it A little bit of confidence And"
  • Caesars Palace Over fore it started
    "The summer's here but I'm just sitting in my room I sit and wonder If you think of me as I think of you I'm lost without you, don't know what I'm gonna do When I had you, well I never realized Now I blew"
  • Doug Supernaw You Still Got Me
    "I just called to say hello, I hope everything's alright Me, I'm doing fine, but I still can't sleep atnight. I finally had a good day just last week. At least the best one since you've gone. But it"
  • Teedra Moses Still Got Love
    "Talking Intro: You know, when I really sit down and think about it all, the up's and the down's of this love thing, you see we had bad times, we sho' did have some good times, but whateva we did, we did"
  • Red Animal War Still
    "we were staring at the stars and we heard a clap of thunder then the moon gave way to rain and it tore apart the sky so we lay flat on our backs cuz in the rain no one knows you're crying on top of a mountain"
  • Trisha Yearwood Try Me
    "You don't think you can find true love again... won't you try me? There's somebody somewhere that you can't forget, so you're not free. But I don't believe you believe you can ever get by me. Maybe I could"
  • Ariana Grande Why Try
    "I've been living with devils and angels, angels, angels Realize you and I are in the same boat, same boat, yeah Kills me, how you love me, then you Cut me down, I'll do the same We been living like angels"
  • Blue Rodeo Nice Try
    "Well the best defence is the bright lights Underneath which you commit that dark crime Look I was there I watched it all go down And I still can't believe my eyes Nice try it's so wild Nice try it's so"
  • Dej Loaf Try Me
    "Let a nigga try me, try me I'm a get his whole mothafuckin' family And I ain't playin with nobody Fuck around and I'm a catch a body /2x Bitch I got the mac or the 40 Turn a bitch to some macaroni Tell"
  • Three 6 Mafia Try Something
    "(Project Pat) Jack one, smack one, run off wit ya sack son Anybody wit the loot, give it up or I'ma shoot Bow down M-town, niggaz like to ride clean Snort on some good , smoke on some good green Friday"
  • Three 6 Mafia Try Somethin'
    "(Project Pat - on the phone) Yeah it's Project Pat up in this Representin' "Layin' the Smackdown", "North North" Three 6 Mafia fin a rip it like it's supposed to be Handle that shit (Project Pat) Jack"

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