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Still wait for

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Still wait for

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Still wait for
  • Radish Still I Wait
    "Butterfly sparing, I'll let you fly away. The dust that will be another oak tree, breathing an oak tree... Still I wait for the world to turn around. Still I wait for the dancers. Still I wait for the"
  • Kurt Nilsen Still They Wait
    "Grandpa wished that they would partLeave them under a naked startell them what you have in mindBetter do right...(bridge)A love that never goes nowhereA love that never fades.(chorus)And still they wait,"
  • Tait Wait
    "Looking out my front door I see a frantic world desperate for more Quick fix at your fingertips The longer it takes the harder it gets But I'll wait for You To give me everything I need I'm gonna wait"
  • Alexi Murdoch Wait
    "Feel I'm on the verge of some greath truth Where I'm finally in my place But I'm fumbling still for proof And it's cluttering my space Casting shadows on my face I know I have the strength to move"
  • Brad Martin Wait
    "(Brad Martin/Mike Geiger/M. Heeney) I was moving in, moving in for the kill, long about our third date I thought I had her in the palm of my hand So I didn't anticipate, her making me wait, wait Waiting"
  • OneRepublic Wait
    "Now I take my time sit and wait there's no comfort I will find today I'm close so still (?) I pray for peace comfort in this head these crazy seas will drown me dead But I've learned to swim Now I'm jumping"
  • Something Corporate Wait
    "i can hear ticking clocks, running rampant in me, chiming in apogee waiting for the synergy of her and me waiting on the light and i never say goodnight never say that i'm always right now in you girl i'm"
  • Maggie Reilly Wait
    "Lying in my bed alone and whispering your name, Wonder where you are tonight and do you feel the same, letting my thoughts fly to where you might be, Sharing the secret that took you from me.. Heart is"
  • Guy Sebastian Wait
    "Girl, before you turn and walk away Leave me standing here Just know I'll always love you I never wanna make the same mistakes That I made.. I only have myself to blame Girl, I'm sorry.. CHORUS Baby,"
  • Jamie Lidell Wait For Me
    "Did you think that I've been foolin' around As I'm wanderin' from town to town Asking you to wait, wait for me Don't you know you can't believe all that you've heard I know it's rough when all you have"
  • M2M Wait for me
    "Ou're tired of longing And waiting by the phone And all you get from me Is a sappy love song But I'm tired of flying and hearing the busy tone Well, I sing for a lot of people but I'm also sleeping alone"
  • The Pigeon Detectives Wait For Me
    "She'll say something that she don't want to, Will you make it alright? And I'll take something that I don't want to, If I stay here tonight. I don't wanna be the last to leave, (Wait for me) I don't wanna"
  • Roger Waters Wait for Her
    "With a glass inlaid with gemstones On a pool around the evening Among the perfumed roses Wait for her With the patience of a packhorse Loaded for the mountains Like a stoic, noble price Wait for her With"
  • Tricky Wait For God
    "Tricky: If I came into your life If I come to my life The life was strange We rely the same horse (but I think it's: We remain the same) Set the pain, share the strain 252 stuck in the game Girls that"
  • Jeremiah Freed Wait For Me
    "I trace the lines that run down your face. Pouring you in, into disgrace. I'll sit back as you leave like this, I get pulled into things I miss. I am here trying to explain, It's been so long I can't"
  • Eminem Wait For Me
    "I trace the lines that run down your face Pouring you in, into disgrace. I'll sit back as you leave like this, I get pulled into things I miss. I am here trying to explain, It's been so long I can't complain. About"
  • Bob Seger Wait For Me
    "I will answer the wind I will leave with the tide I'll be out on the road Every chance I can ride No matter how far No matter how free I'll be alone If you'll wait for me There'll be times when I'll"
  • Tom Walker Wait for You
    "I am just prayin’ you can figure this out And when there’s nothing left You know i’ll still be around And if all ot this is dragging you under I’ll remind you of the world and its Wonder I am just prayin’"
  • Luna Halo Wait For You
    "My skin feels strange Like there's something underneath Locked in these chains How I ache to be free Dancing shadows Call me closer But still I'm waiting Until the sun stands still again Until"
  • Flaw Wait For Me
    "All these miles, haunting questions linger in my mind. And all the while, making bad decisions out of line. Still I've tried, to let go of the danger in my life. It's alright, when that's the only thing"

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