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Stive Morgan - If Will Come Tomorrow tłumaczenia

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Stive Morgan - If Will Come Tomorrow tłumaczenia

  • Tomorrow will never come - Chemical Garage
    "1. If tomorrow the world ends, Will you go down on owns knees? Will you think, about the time spend About all those missin' years. Don't go back! Dont turn away from me! Ref. Do you hear, do you see, That"
  • Come Tomorrow - Chicane
    "Chicane - Come Tomorrow If I talked to God he'd tell me why There's something going on Dark people walking by This morning is the day after the next Escape my only dream Cos I'm the only one again My"
  • Tomorrow Will Come - Trish Thuy Trang
    "*Chorus* As time goes by everyday of my life How I long for yesterday Slowly years have gone and come And I know that you'll wait for me till the end Looking back on days of the past that we had so long"
  • Tomorrow will come - Tangarine
    "Are you with me when the sun goes down.When we're sometimes turning inside out.Do you feel me from the day till dawn.Something tells me you forgot my name,I can call you but It's not the same.Maybe you"
  • Tomorrow - Julie C
    "All the noise up in my head about what I should've done instead Turning shades of grey to black & white All the time reminding me about all the things that I could be If only I could play my cards right If"
  • Tomorrow - Blink 182
    "Pick me up dont let me fall You will come when I call! Time to wondering what to do you will think the same way ,too! Thought I was getting plane but I guess im still the same! Pick me up but dont be late"
  • Tomorrow - Kriss Sheridan
    "It's the time to say goodbye With the secrets that we hide Clever All we ever dreamed about We could make it if we tried Ever Even if the lies were true I couldn't"
  • Tomorrow - Morrissey
    "Tomorrow Will it really come ? And if it does come Will I still be Human ? All I ask of you is one thing that you never do Would you put your arms around me ? (I won't tell anyone) Tomorrow Does"
  • Tomorrow - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Bruce Hibbard) Lay down your failures and excuses All of the dreams that never come true Past is a crutch you've been using Time you broke that thing in two Open your eyes to"
  • Tomorrow - Blue October
    "Tomorrow I'm gonna find a way to die I'm living only for a lover And the death of you and I But if you find a way to break my back With needles, thread, and guilt Will you cover me in kerosene And burn"
  • Tomorrow - Niki & The Dove
    "Oh, Far away on these ground but they are no longer mine I have to find a way home Hey you! You are all that i got You keep on hanging oni have to make it on yam own now Oh, all the night i miss you and"
  • Tomorrow - Rage
    "Whatever you may say how long you want to stay tomorrows yesterday we are tomorrows yesterday It seems weve tried too much to keep the status, to longer the touch of what we are today. Afraid of change"
  • Come Back Tomorrow - Salad
    "Come on baby - I want your milt Come back tomorrow, I won't be getting home till then Come back tomorrow, we'll trip the light fantastic in my bed Don't you know that it's true, my hair was an igloo Built"
  • Will you love me tomorrow - Lorrie Morgan
    "Tonight you're mine, completely you give your soul so sweetly tonight the light of love is in your eyes but will you love me tomorrow is this a lasting treasure or just a moment's pleasure can i believe"
  • Come Tomorrow - Barbra Streisand
    "Are you ready for the day that we pray for Already holding what is real? You know the soul finds its own evolution And this is the only love I feel And I tell you, I'm keeping up the strength I gotta try"
  • Come Tomorrow - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt Could it be the season's changin' the winds of winter rearranging all the leaves like fallin' queens of sorrow Could be the freezing rain a-fallin' could be sad September callin' or"
  • Come Tomorrow - Patti Scialfa
    "From the first time that I saw you I wanted nothing but to make you mine Now there's this girl with milk white hands And on her finger your wedding band shines Still you tempt me with your kisses Still"
  • Fata Morgana - Fates Warning
    "Morrigan you come again Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost far away from the sea of the setting sun Island of fire and albatross Taught so well magic merlin the wizard Maiden of beauty dressed in"
  • Come Tomorrow - Xentrix
    "Looking back through the pages of my life All thats gone before needed nothing more Only you to say Never thinking only doing for myself Always in your debt now I feel regret I knew no other way Thinking"
  • If I Die Tomorrow - Joe Budden
    "Y'all in that mood yet?! (in that mood yet) Y'all in that mood yet?!?! (in that mood yet) If I died tomorrow See if I died tomorrow Yo, yo yo yo yo I woke up around nine, day felt like no other Kissed"

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