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  • Close to heaven - Stonebridge
    "You can push and youre never gonna fall You can take what ever have it all You can be anything you want to be with some one like me (Some one like me, Like me) Show time aint gonna be alone Dont keep me"
  • Put'emm high - Stonebridge
    "Baby, let me, be me,those were, the words you, gave me,never, felt this way, before,your love, is the light, ah-haaaa,And baby i don't carewhere you've been beforejust Put 'em high,Push 'em highmake the"
  • Take me away - Stonebridge
    "(Aaah!) (Aayh!) When you're away at work I'm seeing this other guy He's treating me really well You know I don't ask for much It's so hard to be alone You're always gone It's so hard to be alone You're"
  • Holy Fire - Stonebridge
    "I remember a past life, a life long ago memories are reveries and visions fading into gray I behold the paleness, with the glimpse of an eye theres no friend in no mans land streets leading to wild frontiers (pre-chorus) let"
  • In The Rain - Stonebridge
    "I'm walking along the river raindrops fall from the sky the eagle above never wonders `bout all the feelings gone by the flower-buds open their hearts theyre begging for water to fall as theyre starting"
  • Put 'Em High - Stonebridge
    "Ba bay ba bow ba bay ba bow Ba bay ba bow ba ba bay ba bow Ba bay ba bow ba bay ba bow Put 'em high Push it high Ba bay ba bow Ba ba bay ba bow Put 'em high Push it high Baby I don't care Where you've"
  • Sunrise In Eden - Stonebridge
    "Along the banks of astral silence the honey rivers flow time seems standing still before my eyes the velvet sound of the ocean waves white sand underneath in the land of eternity the old bridge tells a"
  • You Don't Know - Stonebridge
    "You don't know... Tell me Why is this feeling so right I've been waiting Waiting to hold you all the night Now we're together I don't want this feeling to ever end Make it last forever I don't want this"
  • Put Em High - Stonebridge feat. Therese
    "Baby, let me, be me, those were, the words you, gave me, never, felt this way, before, your love, is the light, ah-haaaa, And baby i don't care where you've been before just Put 'em high, Push 'em high make"
  • My Time (feat. Bridget Kelly) - K Koke
    "And I swear the stars are falling faster than they ever did And the sun is burning harder than it has before And the moon is closer to my reach than it has ever been My time is coming, my time is coming And"
  • Real Estate (Radio Remix) - Blak Twang
    "Yeah, yeah. Tanner's Hill in your area, ya nah mean? It's gettin' scarier. The real estate. Follow the ride... Oi! I'm in the house like a squatter, my gate's in New Cross Home of the original"

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