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Stornoway - The Road You Didnt Take

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Stornoway - The Road You Didnt Take

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Stornoway - The Road You Didnt Take
  • Stornoway The Road You Didn't Take
    "Sleeping on a mountain For a night to shiver under skies But play cool as the cats' eyes On the road you didn't take On the road you didn't take On the road, on the road On the road you didn't take, The"
  • Rachel Proctor Didnt I
    "so hard to kno the reason so hard to know the truth when it's all over and everytime i look back i just get more confused so i replay every kiss and every clue i mighta missed didnt i make u happy"
  • Helen Reddy I Didnt Mean To Love You
    "I didn't mean to Love you Sunday Morning waking up and touching you You're always warm at 9 a.m Pillows close and I can feel you wanting me When I go back to sleep again I didn't mean to love you And"
  • Tom Cochrane Didnt I Lorraine
    "Waiting in silence You had to go 'Cause just like a baby You had to know And to think that by leaving We would see more clear To undo the pattern of doubt and fear, Drifting apart It has brought"
  • Nick Drake Road
    "You can say the sun is shining if you really want to I can see the moon and it seems so clear You can take the road that takes you to the stars now I can take a road that'll see me through I can take a"
  • Ashlee Simpson I didnt steal your boyfriend
    "Ashlee Simpson Miscellaneous I didnt steal your boyfriend Lyrics : Whatcha been doin'? Whatcha been doin? Whoa, Whoa, Haven't seen ya 'round, How you been feelin'? How you been feelin'? Whoa, whoa, Don't"
  • Joe Louis Walker Mama Didnt Raise No Fool
    "If I was a fool, it would sure be easy I could fall, oh baby, for your wicked smile Buy you a drink, whisper some lie, oh no And we could go somewhere quiet, for a little while But my mama she didn't"
  • Crisis Take The Low Road
    " all this time I have learned that no one speaks my language. I learned long ago that I walk alone. (I don't believe in me) what can I say, 2 days dark and grey, and not much different from yesterday. I"
  • Manilla Road Road of kings
    "What do you see inside your mind? Is it your dreams or just the torment of life? Break away from your anxieties today Don't ever let them drag you down. Conquer for life inside your dreams. We'll never"
  • The Kinks The Road
    "Sitting alone on my hotel Looking in the mirror wondering, "well, After all this time you never thought you'd still be out on the road?" Like a gypsy I was born to roam Like a wanderer with no fixed"
  • Tenacious D The Road
    "The road is fuckin' hard, The road is fuckin' tough-ah, There's no question that-eh It is rough, rough stuff. It's the fuckin' road my friend But it's the only road I know. When I'm munchin' on a"
  • Elan The Road
    "Before you go There are some things I should tell you And prepare you for what you might not have seen In the dreams you've had about this crazy world We're living in Stay out of trouble Keep your eyes"
  • Insane Clown Posse I Didnt Mean To Kill Him
    "This is the story of a murderer A cold blooded killer, a ruthless, harmless, slaughterer I didn't mean to kill him Listen to me, wait I was talkin to a fine asss date, ha ha ha Phat titties, lookin like"
  • Robert Johnson Cross Road Blues (Take 2)
    "I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees Asked the Lord above "Have mercy, save poor Bob, if you please" Mmmmm, standin' at the crossroad, I tried"
  • The Music Take The Long Road And Walk It
    "Written By: The Music She said she didn't know me Said I'm sweet She said she didn't know me Now I'm not so sweet And yeh yeh baby baby yeh Now I'm not so sweet Yeh yeh maybe baby yeh Set my baby free And"
  • Benny Goodman I Didnt Know What Time It Was
    "I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Tony Bennett Written by Irving Mills, Henry Nemo, John Redmond, and Duke Ellington This version did not chart but In 1938, FIVE versions charted: Duke Ellington (# 1), Benny"
  • Jimmy Buffett Take Another Road
    "Seen the false horizon fade away like bison Headed for the jungle, the cowboy can't endure Never look back, that's what he swore I'll take my pony to the shore somewhere, somewhere Take another road to"
  • Stornoway Knock Me On The Head
    "there's a hunger in the air and lemons swollen in the trees when shadows fall across the moon, i strain my ears towards the breeze a wasted summer listening, secluded as a cemetery withered limbs under"
  • The Carpenters Road Ode
    "I've been on this lonely road so long Does anybody know where it goes I remember the last time The signs pointed home a month ago Rented cars and empty motel rooms Lead you everywhere but home Crowds"
  • Waylon Jennings Road
    "Back home the family's eatin' dinner there's a fire in the fireside warm and bright But I won't be there today cause I've got a debt to pay And they don't let black sheep stray from the road No they don't"

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