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Story of our lifes mattybraps

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Story of our lifes mattybraps

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Story of our lifes mattybraps
  • MattyBRaps Story of Our Lives
    "we’ve all been down before and need some picking up turn a frown upside down never touch it up you can be yourself and be real don’t gotta cover’up every imprefectiona nd flaw trying to measure up cause"
  • Hans York Lifes Apart
    "(Hans York/ Phil Cohen) The falling leaves whisper of love that's dying, still my mind is telling me to keep on trying. And I continue denying what I know to be true, My world seems so empty without the"
  • Agathocles Playing With Lifes
    "This world's leaders are going to decide Above peace, war or suicide And for this decision, we can't hide 'Coz these bastards rule us with fright USA-USSR profit & power USA-USSR playing with lifes They'll"
  • Buffy Musical Episode Lifes A Show
    "BUFFY: Life's a show And we all play our parts And when the music starts We open up our hearts It's alright if something's come out wrong We'll sing a happy song And you can sing along Where there's"
  • Buffy Lifes A Show
    "BUFFY Life's a show And we all play our parts And when the music starts We open up our hearts It's alright If some things come out wrong We'll sing a happy song And you can sing along Where there's life"
  • Ruben Studdard Our Story
    "I remember when I first saw ya I remember what ya had on I remember what I said to ya Scuse me miss how ya doing I remember what you said You was doing fine but you was in a hurry So I gave ya my number"
  • Amila Zazu Our story
    "I looked at you and you seemed so alone very deep inside you took my hand and then it was clear that we feel the same the moon was watching us we just didnt want to hide we looked straight in his eyes I"
  • Judybats Our Story
    ""This is our story It's a short one but it's a hard harsh read Between the lines a little aching need We're a strange arrangement No strings But the music we make is serpentine and bittersweet In my youth,"
  • Ryan Cabrera Our story
    "This time I'll think of brighter days Where I'm falling deep, deep inside our story I'm counting on Something I can feel I won't fall asleep Cause even if I'm hurting I'm waiting on the one for me It's"
  • Beaver Nine Lifes
    "I entered into an unknown world it wasn't like I wanted to get hurt unsuspecting you've got me curled around your little finger into your pretty paws into the sharpest of nails I came to live one of your"
  • The Echoing Green The Story Of Our Lives
    "Anything And everything is meaningless When forever's waiting We're captive to this place... for now Wo we take our hopes And hold them away Chain them to the throes of yesterday But the chains are getting"
  • Legend Maker Story
    "Moving step by step, Our obstacles are slowly crossed. Lyke bards we'll journey throught on our own roads. We'll follow our destiny. In time we'll confront deep misfortunnes and true misunderstandings. We"
  • Allure Story
    "Oh, no, no, no, no, oh Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh He was a memory I can't erase Like a dream come true from out of the night When I first saw you our eyes met face to face I knew right then"
  • Monster This Is Our Story
    "Listen, why don't you listen? You never hear the things I'm saying, you never listen, If you don't want to listen to me, why do you ask me? Why do you ask me what I think Choices, we have to make them You"
  • Raven Lifes a Bitch
    "Sixty years of hate Breaking down the gate The object is to dominate With subterfuge and lies And absolute disguise Will no one wake Can no one see the writing on the wall Relentless In excess Nothing"
  • Atreyu Our Sick Story (Thus Far)
    "And we danced So Pristine and Knee deep in sin Balls deep in hate (I see your face) I see your face And it tears me apart It tears me up My mouth is full of love My head is held in shame When you kiss"
  • Angela Aki Our Story
    "otogi no sekai wa itsumoHAPPIIENDO ni naru kedo genjitsu wa tsuzuite yuku mono nanda SHINDERERA wa koi no CHANSU wo kutsu to tomo ni nakushita no ni kanpeki na ROMANSU ga maiorita demo ima no jidai jibun"
  • House Of Krazees Horror Story
    "(Next mother fucker going to get my metal) i cant wait to tell you-to kill you- I feel you- you mother fucker its my horror story- why dont you watch me- let me die- why do they cry- why do my mentals-"
  • Chapin Harry All My Lifes A Circle
    "Chapin Harry Miscellaneous All My Lifes A Circle ALL MY LIFE'S A CIRCLE Harry Chapin (Starts with 2 stanza chorus): All my life's a circle; Sunrise and sundown; Moon rolls thru the nighttime; Till the"
  • Story Of The Year Swallow The Knife-Story Of The Year
    "So our open wounds will bleed Until our veins run dry Now we have to take this thorn And tear it from our side Agitated at the fault line Still agreed to disagree You're connected to the heart But tonight"

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